Ted-Nugent400 Ted Nugent has weighed in on the killing of Cecil the lion, calling the story “a lie.”

US dentist Walter Palmer caused outrage when he shot and killed Zimbabwe’s most famous animal in what he believed was a legal hunt. But, Cecil was being monitored as part of an Oxford University study into lion conservation and was a major tourist attraction at the Hwange National Park – Zimbabwe’s largest game reserve.

Nugent, who is known for his pro-hunting stance, was drawn into the conversation on Facebook when he was asked for his thoughts on the incident.

He wrote, “The whole story is a lie. It was a wild lion from a ‘park’ where hunting is legal and essential beyond the park borders. All animals reproduce every year and would run out of room/food to live without hunting. I will write a full piece on this joke ASAP. God are people stupid.”

Palmer and his guides reportedly lured Cecil from the park before Palmer shot the beast with a bow and arrow. They then caught up with the injured lion 40 hours later where it was shot with a rifle and beheaded.

Palmer said he regretted his actions but maintains he had no idea the lion was a local favorite.

Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum called Nugent a “sick individual” last year when the guitarist posed with a picture of a dead groundhog.

additional source: classicrock.teamrock.com

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  • Dana on

    Okay, I know I am supposed to be impartial, but as an animal lover, I cannot, in good conscience, refrain from commenting on this story. So, please forgive me.

    No Ted, people are not stupid, but your comments on this issue, certainly show a lack of intelligence, to say the least.

    Keeping my feelings about hunting aside, it is one thing to hunt an animal for the sole purpose of consuming it, and using its parts for other things, and killing an innocent animal, purely for sport. These animals are endangered species and need to be protected. For hunters to kill them just to be pictured with an “impressive” corpse is not only disgusting, but irresponsible.

    Hiding from hundreds of feet away and using tools, regardless of whether we evolved to create them to rise to the top of the food chain, is an act of pure cowardice. If one really wanted to make this a fair fight, why don’t we lock these hunters, without weapons in an enclosed area with these animals and see who comes out the victor?

    Finally, I hope everyone involved with this tragic case is prosecuted to the fullest extent of law and Ted should be fined for having the IQ of a caveman. Hey Ted, why don’t you hunt the real threats in this world? Namely terrorists.

    Signing off now. Have a great day all.

    Dana from ET.com 🙂

    • Michael B on

      I’m no huge fan of Ted, at all, however hunting in Africa is not that simple.

      For Zimbabwe and most of those southern African countries that allow hunting, it is a MAJOR source of revenue. I don’t think people understand the absolute poverty that exists in most of Africa. Their morals are not your morals. There are very different cultural attitudes at work here. There are vast private reserves that breed animals for the sole source of hunting, trophy hunting. Lions are included in this. It will never end. In fact, in many instances, you could argue that the reason these animals still exist today is because there is monetary value placed on their heads. Wildlife for the sake of wildlife is pretty low on the totem pole, which is why Governments step in to create parks like Kruger in South Africa.

      It’s why rights are auctioned off to hunt endangered animals like the Black Rhino. We may have to take drastic, unpopular steps in order to save these animals from complete extinction, and that may include hunting for trophy and/or sport.

      Whether or not the story about this hunter is accurate or not, I can’t comment on, but I have spent time in Africa. It’s much more complex than good/bad. I’m really disappointed in the response that people are having over this issue.

      Here’s a good article that explain it better than I could. There is no easy answer.


      Rock on.

    • Dana on

      Well Michael,

      May be people should stop visiting these parks until this practice is considered illegal, regardless of Africa’s depressed economy?

      It has always been my dream to go on Safari one day, as I think African wildlife is the most beautiful on the planet, with North American animals coming in a close second. My first choice, if I am every lucky enough to afford to go, is Kruger National Park. However, I might be considering otherwise as long as South Africa enables this practice.

      The best way to conserve a species is to protect them, not to hunt them for sport, even as a means to make money for a poverty stricken country. Thank God, as sad as it is, we have some special Zoos around the world that specialize in the conservation, and the propagating, of endangered species. Ironically enough, I had to go across the globe to learn that the Bronx Zoo is the leading Zoo in the entire world for conservation. For some reason, I had always suspected it was the San Diego Zoo. But, while on a wonderful trip to the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, a tour group happened upon the Meerkat exhibit, where I was gleefully standing, and I overheard the tour guide mention this fact. I couldn’t help but to tell him that made me an even prouder New Yorker. The Bronx Zoo is a wonderful place, and knowing it makes conservation a top priority, only makes me love it, all the more.

      I would much rather see these animals be saved from the brink of extinction in Zoo habitats, then having their heads sold off to the highest bidder, in the name of “conservation.” That type of logic, is thankfully, lost on me.

      D 🙂

    • shannon mehaffey on

      But, aren’t these Ted’s conclusions here? 1. The lion was wild, so the story was fabricated. 2. Hunting controls overpopulation, so the animals won’t deplete the natural resources, and would starve to death, etc. etc.

      It seems neither of your points addressed what he actually said, though both were good.

      Ted does hunt and kill his own food, and I have to respect him for confronting the violence that is inherent in any person’s diet who consumes meat. I couldn’t do it.

      Ted really puts his foot in his mouth, he engages in pre-pubescent behavior, such as when he starts calling people names when discussing politics. Ironically, this kind of rhetoric, wherein the other person just tries to shout the other person down, and puts labels on them, rather than addressing their arguments, is a product of the radical sixties. In other words, Ted, and really the entire Right, have just adopted the same tactics of the people who they say have ruined the Country.

      Ted is a conservative, and if he would just shut up, and perhaps act with some restraint, maybe people would see him for the very fiscally responsible, generous to his employees, philanthropist that he is.

      I think trophy hunting is immoral, but I think Ted would argue that what he does is not trophy hunting, that is, the trophy is always the consequent and not the antecedent. Or maybe, that for trophy hunting to be amoral, the animals would have to be endangered, otherwise, you are controlling the population, eco system, etc. etc.

    • Dana on


      I guess I just assumed that most people knew about this story because it has been all over the news around the word. The lion was NOT wild, he was protected and being studied by Oxford University for research. The rumor is, this dentist, and a poacher, lured him out of his protected area with a carcass of another dead animal on his truck. HE WAS NOT WILD, so Ted is wrong about Cecil.

      Secondly, Lions are one of the top predators in Africa, and their very survival is vital to keeping the populations of other indigenous species, such as Wildebeest and Impala, from overpopulating. Lions main predators are hunters and poachers, period. So, Ted’s defense of trophy hunting is defeating its own purpose when poachers/hunters are culling the numbers of top predators simply for sport or as a trophy.

      D 🙂

    • shannon mehaffey on

      I heard about the story, Ted alleges the lion was wild, and you are saying he wasn’t, based on the news report and rumor. Ted says he is going to write a full piece on this, so, maybe he will provide some evidence to back up his claim.

      Your reasoning for not hunting lions at all sounds good, maybe you and Ted can debate this issue!
      : )

    • Dana on

      Thanks Shannon 🙂

      D 🙂

    • el loco on

      Man, do you know what you are talking about? Have you checked on the various news reports?? This lion was part of a well-known scientific program, it had a collar with a transmitter round his neck, and this disgustful coward and deranged mind Walter Palmer – with the help of others getting paid of course – lured the lion, and we must assume this especially well-known lion (the better for him in terms of trophy!) , outside the national park with a carcass, then shot him with a cross bow, which did not kill him, which was predictable, let him suffer and bleed for 40 hours and only then shot him dead with a rifle. Then he decapitated the lion and also skinned him. Second, there are only as many lions – wild ones, as you say – in these areas as there is food enough for them. So why hunt them when the natural balance is there? Experts btw say that there are only 30,000 lions left on tis earth, possibly less, sounds big, but in fact is alarmingly low a number. And why would you believe an equally deranged mind as Nugent’s that he is more right about the topic than the news in the press? He probably envies Palmer for the trophy and attention from similarly deranged hunters he now has. Even if the lion was “wild”, why does man think he has any reason to kill these animals? It is not for food, it is not to stay alive or to protect our children, it is only for sport, to feel powerful, to compensate for complexes. There have been many pictures of Mr Palmer posing with dead animals such as rhino or leopard on social networks where hunters like him boast about their latest “achievements”. These people are sick, which goes to show that man is the most dangerous animal of all, because a lion would never have hunted down Mr Palmer unless he was hungry or P. had been threatening his offspring. Another one of your weird arguments: How can you say lions, e.g., are depleting the natural resources? This IS the lion’s natural environment. Africa is the lion’s ecological niche. Your use of the word depleting is just so ignorant. It also implies that it might be justified to kill them because they are depleting … this can only be uttered from the arrogant perspective of the white man in western countries who thinks the world is his to exploit and that Africa is like a zoo to visit at least once in your lifetime and find everything neatly laid out for you. In fact if there are less and less lions and other big predators, other species like antilopes will increase in unnatural numbers and then THEY will rather deplete the natural resources in their ecological environment – just like forest rangers have to balance out (ie. shoot) the population of deer (to prevent too much harm done to the plants/trees) in our European forests because we once eradicated their natural rivals, ie. wolves, badgers, lynx and bears that would have kept the population balanced in numbers. There is only one beast alive on this earth that is actually depleting natural resources, and that is you and me. And I firmly believe that if we are not fast enough to settle on new planets (to start the old game of exploiting all over again, I fear …) nature will get rid of man, and rightly so.

    • shannon mehaffey on

      Your post is full of hyperbole, speculation, and mis-application. I didn’t say this stuff Ted was saying was true, I was saying that that’s what Ted thinks, and perhaps, if he would stop this same tactical approach that you take, you radical you, he could make his point, of which I would be open to listening to. Ted is someone who I would hope has studied this more than the average person, so I would think he has to have some educated thoughts on this subject. In other words, I am inferring that he has more substance than what gets depicted in the press, much of which is his own (un) doing.

      He may be wrong as well, but instead of making a hair trigger judgment, I need to find out more.

      If you notice, I only really throw in the rhetorical flourishes when I am discussing art, there, I think it’s warranted. Otherwise, please spare me, this is not the 1960s, and this type of psychological warfare has polluted all political discussion, decisions, etc. etc.

    • darralld on

      Ted has hunted Africa many times. I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about. The approach might be off a bit…LOL

    • Al Fred on

      Dana I disagree with you on prosecuting Ted for his opinion. We still have Freedom of Speech rights under our Constitution but not for much longer. Too many people have your mindset and would prefer Tyranny, With that said this dentist is quite a piece of work posing with dead animals like Tarzan. Ted is a hypocrite who shit his pants purposely at his Draft induction physical to avoid military service during Vietnam.

    • Dana on

      Mr. Fred,

      I was being facetious when I said Ted should be fined for his IQ. He is entitled, as an American, to say anything he so chooses, and as a fellow American, I also have the right to respond. My comment was not meant to be taken literally, I was simply being flippant.

      Also, I agree with your comment about the dentist, and found your last comment about Nugent, enlightening. I had no idea that he was a draft dodger. As a someone who adores, admires and supports our veterans and veteran causes, I will stay mum on the subject and only say, “God bless our military.”

      D 🙂

    • el loco on

      Opinion = tyranny??? I feel sorry for you, man.

    • Chuck Lee on

      El Taco you should learn to read before you make a stupid comment.

    • Frank T on

      I will start off by saying that I am a fan of Ted Nugent both on and off stage. In this liberal politically correct world gone mad, people like Nugent and Mr. Trump are a nice “change.” I am a proud ethical hunter and a proud 2nd amendment advocate and supporter. I think Ted and Mr. Trump are good people who are extremely intelligent and right with what they say MOST of the time.

      I think their has been an awful lot of attention given to this sad incident and as a hunter it sickens me to know that there are unethical hunters out there who trophy hunt for show and bragging rights rather than for consumption. Sadly many “professional” hunters kill trophy only animals to sell their hunting products or to get you to watch their tv show on the outdoor or sportsman’s channel. I’ve heard of hunters on some of these shows who cut the heads off of trophy whitetail bucks off camera while leaving the body to rot in the woods. That is heartbreaking. The absolute worst feeling in hunting is not being able to recover a wounded animal and left to wonder if it will survive to continue living a healthy life or if it’s suffering. That’s why I always make sure I have a crystal clear kill shot before firing my crossbow or gun when hunting any animal to try to avoid this happening.

      I do not condone unethical hunting. One thing I will say about Ted is the animals he kills do not go to waste. It is a proven fact that he consumes them and also provides the meat to wounded warriors, family, friends and soup kitchens nationwide. Ted is a good person. Ted has made mistakes in the past and is not perfect. Neither am I or any of you. Hunting is not for everyone. I just hope that you respect the right to hunt for ethical hunters like myself who hunt for food and to experience the great outdoors at the same time. Seeing an animal in the wild while hunting, even if you don’t kill it, is just as fulfilling as when you do get the kill and you’re eating that delicious grilled venison steak. If anyone is against my feelings, I certainly hope you’re a vegetarian and that you don’t eat meat of any kind and that you don’t wear anything that comes from animal hide, skin or bone.

      In conclusion, even though I’m guilty of discussing this on a music site like all of you, it seems to me that this subject should be discussed on an outdoor forum on some other site rather than eddietrunk.com. Yes Uncle Ted is a musician but this topic has nothing to do with his music nor anyone else’s. Would Eddie, Don and Jim be talking about this in the throw down? I have to be a little suspicious of people’s personal political agendas being thrown out there to try to force on others. Bake me a cake!

    • Dana on


      Thank you for your comment, and I appreciate that as hunter, you are willing to admit that unethical hunting is wrong.

      Also, as I have stated previously in other responses on this thread, I grappled with whether to post this story or not, but because Nugent has been featured on this site before when he has said other controversial things, regarding politics and race, this really is no different. It certainly was NOT posted with the intent of furthering a political agenda. If anything, it was meant to shine a light on a public figure who, I believe, spoke before having all of his ducks in a row.

      Finally, Eddie’s site, and this section, has existed decades before TMS. The show is an independent entity, and their format, and what issues they choose to discuss, or not discuss, have no barring on, the content, format, or news posted on the site.

      As I have always said on past articles that have received many complaints, such as KISS news, if you don’t like the band featured, the story presented, or the content, it is simple, don’t click on it. In the meantime, those type of stories are the ones that tend to drive the most traffic, this one included.

      Dana from ET.com.

      PS-I don’t bake 😉

  • Michael Monet on

    Looking at the title of this story, I almost thought that he was going to say something about the hunter being stupid but of course not. This killing is disgusting along the lines of Michael Vick and legit hunters would be smart to sit this argument out. Ted is not a legit hunter but rather a has been with an agenda. How much did this filthy dentist pay to murder that animal? Talk about getting a life. It is amazing what people would spend money on. Heavy Metal is an inexpensive and wholly innocent hobby. Thank God. Anyway, Nugent looks like the idiot that he actually is in that picture. Here is a republican idea: SHUT UP AND SING ( OR PLAY GUITAR).

    • Dana on


      The reported amount was $55,000 for the price of this beautiful creature, who was known to be docile to humans.

      D 🙂

    • el loco on

      55k, and it is not the first time he has propbaly paid a large amount of money to kill species on the brink of extinction, there are pictures on the net showing him holding a dead leopard, posing next to a dead rhino, etc. The sad thing is, this is only the tip of the iceberg that gets attention worldwide because it was a well-known lion to visitors and scientists, but only for a few days. I do not want to imagine how many living rooms out there ‘sport’ a stuffed lion’s head … maybe we should pay Nugent’s house a visit:-) There are many out there poaching all kinds of animals, there is a whole prospering industry of hunting trips, and also think of what Asians do to snakes, sharks, tigers (almost eradicated) etc. for the sake of potency medicine or so-called delicacies. Disgusting.

  • Doug R. on

    I don’t know what to say, I’ve always loved Ted the musician, but damn, sometimes he really makes it hard to like him as a human being.

    • Doug R. on

      Well, I’m off to Atlantic City for the weekend, see you guys next week. Cheers! 🙂

    • Michael Monet on

      A.C. Survival tips:
      Don’t get on an elevator with Ray Rice.
      Don’t bet money on the NY METS.
      Don’t bet that Ace and Peter are returning to KISS.
      Don’t bet that this is Motley Crue’s real farewell tour.
      Don’t bet that Ritchie Blackmore is a nice guy.
      Don’t bet that Shannon likes Richie Faulkner or that Shannon is not Irish.
      Don’t get on a bus with a texting driver.
      Don’t bet against Phil Colllen’s shirt.

    • Michael Monet on

      Avoid sitting up front at a Zach Wylde show. The dude spits all over the place.
      Don’t bet against another OZZY greatest hits or Live Maiden album.
      Don’t bet Metallica likes the Napster guy.
      Don’t bet that Bill Ward recieves a signable contract.
      Don’t bet that John Sykes loves David Coverdale.

    • DR Is Live on

      Holy Crap Richman it really is you!

    • Doug R. on

      Michael Monet comes walkin’ up to me one day
      And I’m walkin’ down the street in Atlantic City
      Mindin’ my own business
      And he looks me up and he looks me down and says
      “Hey man, what be this” and ‘What be that” and
      “Why you gotta look like that?”
      I just looked at him and kinda laughed and said
      Hey man, I am cool, I just won $500 on the NY METS!! CHA-CHING!!

      Thanks for all that advice Rich…I mean Michael, but I’m not ready to give up on the Mets just yet! As for the rest of your “don’t bets,” made me LMAO!

      Now, as far as Cecil the lion goes, this wasn’t a case of “Death By Misadventure,” this was a case of death by greed, legal or not. I wish uncle Ted would just stick to what he knows and does best, ROCKIN’ & ROLLIN’!!

    • shannon mehaffey on

      That’s right! Good luck in A.C..

    • elliot goldberg on

      don’t book a night at trump’s hotel. it’s not there anymore.

  • Tyger of Pan Tang on

    Sure would have been nice to see an outpouring of outrage against Robert Mugabe’s attack on Zimbabwe’s people. Many of the people he had murdered, bankrupted or driven out of the country would have maintained the high standards of wildlife protection that country at one time had.

    • el loco on

      Good an important pint, because it sheds some light on the social and political background of this event, which is that rangers are “forced” to make extra money by helping rich people to poach wild animals for trophy and ego boost.

    • Tyger of Pan Tang on

      Here’s an update from a story reporting the hunter’s appearance in court in Zimbabwe:
      “Bronkhorst started his hunting business after being violently evicted from his game farm in central Zimbabwe, as part of the Mugabe government’s land grab.
      ‘“I don’t want to shoot any animals. I do it because it is the only way I can earn a living,” said Bronkhorst, who is married with two grown-up sons.”

      Tell you what State Department: why don’t you swap Palmer for the Zimbabwean farmers and professionals who have had their lives destroyed by Robert Mugabe?

  • James K. on

    Uncle Ted is one of my all time favorite rockers without a doubt. But his mouth is too big sometimes. I know it’s refreshing when people aren’t afraid to speak their minds, but he says stuff sometimes that goes too far. I live in the same county in Texas (McLennan) as Ted and his family and I am proud he calls Central Texas his home. But as the years have gone on, Ted’s social and political views have far overshadowed his music and he seems to get crazier and worse as he gets older. But Ted’s not perfect on the hunting side either. Some people might have forgotten or maybe never knew that a few short years ago, Ted was given a hefty fine and banned from hunting in Alaska for a period of time because he illegally killed a bear. I won’t get into the hunting debate because it’s one of those topics that piss people off one way or the other. I’ll just tell Ted to take the advice of his latest album title: SHUT UP AND JAM!

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