TedNugentbuffalo Right-wing rocker Ted Nugent has taken to his column to call for the public hanging of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the now-charged Boston Marathon bombers.

The column, called Time To Stretch Neck Of Jihadist Punk, was posted on the right wing website WND over the weekend.

Using his usual colorful language, Nugent refers to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his now-killed brother Tamerlan using the term “voodoo” 13 times in his article, and calls for “stretching their necks” three times.

In the piece, he laments that Tsarnaev will likely spent years in custody before being sentenced, “Justice is supposed to be swift. At least that’s how our Founding Fathers thought it should be,” speculating that, 150 years ago “he would have been swinging from an oak tree in Boston Common no longer than 60 days from the date of his arrest. That would be justice.”

Nugent predicts, “He probably won’t go to trial for more than a year due to court-sanctioned delays. Once he’s found guilty, he will be afforded any number of appeals that will take more years, possibly more than a decade. The young voodoo nut has got a long life in front of him, thanks to America’s screwed-up justice system.”

Nugent closes the article with, “My dream of real justice would be a July 4 celebration of stringing this son-of-a-b**** up in the Boston Common and letting the crows pick on his rotting flesh. There will be no swift justice for the Boston voodoo punk. He’s got a long life ahead of him. How pathetic.”

additional source: radio.com

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  • Dwoj on

    Tell Em Ted!! Justice system sure #@*$%!!!

  • jimmie on

    it totally agree with uncle ted on this. not only that he should be set on fire.

  • Vicki Monteleone-Romme on

    Yes Ted…Correct yet again… Cheers to you… I’m a huge old fan..Love Great White Buffalo and Stranglehold dude…BUT…Ya Baby…get to me everytime…And I play you often….my kids like you too….

  • Jay on

    What an A**hole. The more Ted “I like underage girls” Nugent speaks the less I like his music. His recent rants shed a new light on a song like Stranglehold.

    • Nathan on

      Ted’s an asshole huh? And Mr. Tsarnaev is a hero?

    • Jimi on

      Ted has always been an a**hole. He was in Europe some years ago, at the Sweden Rock festival, where he at a press conference, spewed out some very derogatory comments against Europeans, I would call them “Racist” remarks towards Europeans.
      Hopefully he’ll never end up being the President of America. The whole world would be nuked in minutes …

  • PJ Schwackhammer on

    Good for Ted. That’s at least as much punishment as the murderous lowlife deserves.

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