Miljenko Matijević, lead vocalist and founder of the band Steelheart has written and released, Trust in Love, an anthemic song with a timely message for the world. Trust in Love is available on all the major music streaming and downloading platforms, and can be heard here.

The video which, was directed by Matijević, along with Robert Reed Altman (son of legendary director
Robert Altman) serving as Director of Photography, can be seen below.

Over two years in the making, the song was originally conceived as a plea for the peaceful
unification of the Korean peninsula, but the song has evolved into a wider-reaching
message for the masses. Amidst the current geopolitical climate, and the invasion and war
on Ukraine in particular, Matijević’s song is inspirational and highly relevant. “One night
after watching the news on television, I was saddened to hear about the pain and
suffering that the people of North and South Korea are going through,” says Matijević.
“I turned off the television and sat down at my piano, immediately the song started
writing itself. The words ‘Trust in Love’ came to me, and I knew this song was meant for
the Korean people. And now, in light of what’s happening in Ukraine, I feel that this
message is something meant for the entire world.”

As part of his efforts to share this message with a global audience, the verses of Trust in
, has been recorded in ten languages, English, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish,
Hindi, Croatian, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. Four more languages, French, German,
Swedish, and Ukrainian are also in development.

In tandem with the release of the English version of the song, Matijević’s ongoing
philanthropic efforts will support and promote unification and humanitarian relief efforts
around the world. “I feel a new world is here, a new love, a new vibration, and a new
understanding,” he says. “My heart tells me the time is now for us to rise to a new
vibration and find peace in ourselves, the respect for each other, and then, the
understanding will follow effortlessly.”

To propagate the song’s message, Steelheart has launched a social media campaign on
Instagram and TikTok featuring the tag “#trustinlove,” encouraging people around the
world to post themselves singing the chorus of the song with hopes that world leaders will
heed a worldwide call for peace.

Steelheart will be performing Trust In Love live for the first time at LA’s worldfamous
Whisky a Go Go as part of the venue’s Ultimate Jam Night Ukraine benefit on
Tuesday April 26th. The full night of performances will be live streamed globally
starting at 10 pm pst. For more information, visit

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  1. I was in a band that rehearsed in the same building as Red Alert, who became Steelheart. Very talented guys. I sure hope Mike has changed, because back then, he was a snob and an insufferable prick. The other guys were cool, nice people. My band, we were just a buncha normal guys and related well with them, well the other 4. He really did not give a damn about anyone but himself. This cause is commendable, but if it’s led by the same guy back then, it’s insincere at best. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Dana, he literally would turn his nose up. I said to the bassist and lead guitarist what the hell is wrong with that guy? Frank had the common sense in the group. I was there at the rehearsal place the night MCA saw their showcase and signed them after. I didn’t see the performance, but after there were drunk ramblings about money and fame. Frank was the one who tried to calm it, about spending money. They wanted it all, no matter the fact that they would have to pay back all expenses. And Mike’s head got enormous. So they use an expensive bus, tour, have mild success and the label refused to properly promote their second record because Mike refused to change a lyric on one song. Big man on campus. The band suffers due to his arrogance. I felt pretty bad for the other guys. So I’m not on board with this humanitarian thing, I personally don’t buy it. I absolutely could be wrong and he’s Mr. Rogers now. But boy is it doubtful.

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