skidrowunitedworldrebellionl Skid Row has released ‘United World Rebellion: Chapter One‘ on April 16th through Megaforce Records and are currently streaming the entire five song EP online.

United World Rebellion – Chapter One is the first new release from Skid Row since 2006’s Revolutions Per Minute. This marks a departure for the band, as they will be releasing United World Rebellion – Chapter One plus two more EP’s over the next 12-18 months as opposed to one full-length collection of songs.

Skid Row, consisting of Johnny Solinger (vocals), Dave “Snake” Sabo (guitar), Scotti Hill (guitar), Rachel Bolan (bass) and Rob Hammersmith (drums) are currently touring in support of the new EP. A complete list of confirmed tour dates can be found at


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  • Franky on

    Very immpressive! Wrote these guys off a long time ago. big fan of Bach. The “new” guy does sound great. Sounds like he and the band are finally moving forward and stepping out from under the shadow of sabastian bach. This handicapped them for many years. This was a very tough obsticale to overcome. think about this, if Sabastian had died like Bon Scott and was replaced by John, people would have been more open to the change. If Bon Scott was fired from AC/DC, and replaced with Brian Johnson i Think they would have had the same problem Skid Row have had over the last 15 years. Just a thought.

  • Dewey Webber on

    Damn that is strong!
    Did not expect that at all. Heavy bass lines and that singer has some really strong pipes. Didn’t think someone could stand there in Sebastian’s shadow but I am so glad to be wrong here. This is good.

  • james on

    WOW, really like this tune! Great riffs and singer sounds great….reminds me of Thick Skin, I think is the name. But either way, kicks ass!!!!

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