Skid Row‘s most beloved, iconic, and previously hard-to-find releases from the late ’80s and early ’90s are being released in a brand new box set that is an instant “must-own” for both diehard fans and collectors.

The box set highlights the band’s global domination and documents the glory days of the hard rock scene.

The Atlantic Years 1989-1996 LP and CD box set arrives on December 3rd. Pre-order any of the multiple formats here.

Skid Row was one of the most successful acts of the era. Their self-titled debut, released in 1989, achieved five times platinum certification in the U.S., along with platinum status in Australia, triple platinum status in Canada, and it also went gold in the U.K. The follow-up, 1991’s Slave To The Grind, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. It went on to achieve a double-platinum certification in the U.S. and went platinum in Canada, while rising to gold status in Australia. Over time, the band enjoyed a string of Top 10 singles, including the power ballads 18 And Life and I Remember You from the self-titled release, while Monkey Business and Wasted Time from Slave To The Grind also achieved radio success.

This box set marks the first time that all of these important and definitive releases will be available in one limited edition collection.

The collection includes 180-gram audiophile vinyl 7 LPs, including the band’s multi-million selling, worldwide-charting first three studio albums, plus the B-Side Ourselves EP and the live EP Subhuman Beings On Tour!!, which was previously only available on CD in Japan. It is now being made available globally and on vinyl for the first time ever. All five albums are also newly remastered.

The five-album, seven-LP side-loading box set includes:

* Skid Row 
* Slave To The Grind (2xLP) 
* B-Side Ourselves 
* Subhuman Race (2xLP) and * Subhuman Beings On Tour!!

This five-album, CD side-loading box set includes:

* Skid Row 
* Slave To The Grind 
* B-Side Ourselves 
* Subhuman Race 
* Subhuman Beings On Tour!!

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  1. Fifty bucks for 3 full CDs & 2 EPs?
    Maybe like $25-$30 range.
    If you want to pick my pocket again, you’re gonna have to include some DVDs like the No Frills Video and Roadkill and Oh Say Can You Scream.

  2. With the news of this box set release, how many more times are we gonna have to hear Sebastian Bach whine about reuniting with Skid Row? I like Bach’s voice, but it’s obvious the current Skid Row band members don’t like Bach the person.

  3. 50 dollars for a box set with cd’s in the cardboard sleeve with no original booklet? Have ’em all already, at least Overkill Historakill. included the original book that came with the original cd. Now, that was a box set worth the price.

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