Skid Row has released a new “facts video” for the band’s self-titled debut album to celebrate the LP’s 35th anniversary.

In a message accompanying the YouTube release of the video, Skid Row wrote “Happy 35th Birthday on Skid Row‘s debut album. Celebrate with this album facts video and let us know in the comments what you did or didn’t know before!”

For Skid Row‘s 30th anniversary in 2019, Rhino released a digital deluxe edition of the album that included the original album remastered for the first time, expanded with the bonus track Forever. The deluxe edition also featured a previously unreleased live performance from 1989, marking the first ever release of a full live show from the band. Skid Row: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition is available on all digital download and streaming services.

Skid Row: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition features a previously unreleased recording of the band’s April 28, 1989 performance at the Marquee club in California. The show includes powerful live versions of the classic hits from the album as well as fan-favorites such as Rattlesnake ShakePiece Of Me and Big Guns, as well as the set-closing cover of the KISS classic Cold Gin.

Skid Row was formed in 1986 in Toms River, New Jersey. Two years later, guitarists Dave “Snake” Sabo and Scotti Hill, bassist Rachel Bolan, drummer Rob Affuso and singer Sebastian Bach signed with Atlantic Records. To record their debut, the quintet traveled to Royal Recorders in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to work with producer Michael Wagener (DokkenGreat WhiteWhite Lion).

Shortly after the album was released on January 24, 1989, Skid Row was certified platinum, and the band began touring the world, first with Bon Jovi on its “New Jersey Syndicate” tour, and later with Aerosmith during the band’s tour for the album Pump. The extensive touring, coupled with heavy rotation of Skid Row‘s music videos on MTV, helped fuel the debut album’s enormous popularity.

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  • Dana on

    Still love this album, and listen to it, to this very day.

  • Rattlehead on

    I think Skid Row’s first two albums are filled with good heavy tunes, with “Slave…” being very heavy. Doesn’t make any sense how this band gets incorrectly labeled as a “hair band”…cuz they’re not….

    • Dana on


      I totally agree.

  • Charles Clinchot on

    Nothing can beat their first two albums

  • Michael Minutaglio on

    They did a good job of not showing Bach in this video…

  • T on

    Skid Row experienced the end of the days where record companies had budgets and paid you, and they took off like a rocket. To their credit, they had the songs, the look and the drive, and JBJ opened the door for them. I’m assuming Bas had no involvement in this release.

    • Dana on


      No, the material was basically written before Sebastian joined. I think he has more input on Slave To The Grind? I read his autobiography, you would think I could remember more. But since hitting an older age, my memory is a sieve.

      The one item that did stick with me, was that Christina Applegate dumped her one time date, Brad Pitt, at the MTV awards, for Bach.

    • elliot goldberg on


      “Bundy got Bach”

    • Dana on


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