tonyharnellhead According to, singer Tony Harnell has confirmed that he will reunite with Norwegian hard rockers TNT.

He says, “After much discussion and lots of soul searching, I’m happy to officially announce that I’ll be back behind the microphone with TNT.

I’m very proud of all we accomplished over the years and proud to have written and recorded all those great songs with my brother from another mother, Ronni Le Tekrø.

Sometimes it’s just time to give the fans what they’re asking for.

2014 is the 25th anniversary of the successful Intuition album and we thought it would be a good time to get out and relaunch this little machine for you guys!

Can’t wait to see you all on tour!”

In August, TNT parted ways with its frontman of the past seven years, British vocalist Tony Mills.

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  • chomps68 on

    All I can say is AWESOME…Far to good of a band and singer not to play together. I know there style of music from the 80’s is not always going to be the go to nowadays but they are far to talented to let slip away into the sunset. They have a great catalog of music and can still write a good song if need be. Welcome back, cant wait to see you…

  • Galactic Cowboy on

    I wonder if they’ll tour the US? last time I saw them was in 1987 w/ Stryper/Loudness.

    • DR on

      Loudness – Akira Takisaki / phenom guitarist. Would’ve loved to have seen him live.

    • David on

      I saw that tour at Merriweather in Maryland – that show kicked ass!

    • Sam Trinkle on

      I saw that tour in Knoxville. Great show!

  • kevin on

    Would love to see them at the 2014 M3 Festival. Eddie make it happen!

  • vin on

    fucking sweet. my religion….

  • Weavie ray on

    All I can say is, it’s about time. I loved all the TNT stuff with Tony. He is an amazing singer and his vocals with Ronni’s guitar is pure magic! This is a good day for metal fans world wide. Long live the Knights Of The New Thunder!

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