Ruben Mosqueda of Metal Titans spoke with singer John Corabi. Excerpts from the interview appear below.

MetalTitans: Live and Louder is the first live album from The [Dead] Daisies. Was this record the next next logical progression for you guys?

John Corabi: We were on the Make Some Noise Tour last year [2016] and it came down to a combination of things. We have people come up to us after the show and say stuff like; “The record is good but you’re so much better live!” I think people were writing into the record label and giving them positive reviews. The label was watching and listening to all of this banter.

The other thing is since I joined the band in February of 2015; we recorded Revolucion in March through April. Revolucion came out in June and we were right back in the studio in January of 2016 working on Make Some Noise. We made two records in a span of 12 months and a world tour.

I think between the banter from the fans and all the positive reviews; the label probably felt that it would be good to give us time to work on new songs [for the next album]. It’s good opportunity to continue to gain momentum. It’s a chance for people that haven’t seen the band an opportunity to hear our energetic performance. There was a lot of energy with KISS in the beginning; they weren’t able to capture it on those first three records until Alive. They released a live record to show everyone at how energetic they were as a live band. I can relate to that.

MetalTitans: There’s so many great landmark live records; Alive among them. Years later, we find out they weren’t so live. How much “sweetening” did you guys do on Live and Louder?

John Corabi: None. I can honestly tell you that there was no overdubbing on this live record. We recorded 4-5 shows and gave them to Anthony Focx he mixed them. I’m not a big fan of that. As you know, I have a solo band and we recorded some of the Motley ‘94 shows that I did. I have a live record coming out in June or July. I have been sitting on this record for a year and half.

MetalTitans: When I spoke with you last June you mentioned that live album. At that point you were hoping to have that out by October [2016].

John Corabi: I assure you, it’s coming out. I just didn’t want it to interfere with what was happening with The Daisies. I spoke to my label and said The Daisies comes out in May and in June or July we can get my [live] solo album out. So when we go to make the next Daisies record they can release my record. One of my favorite live records is Aerosmith’s Live Bootleg. It is what it is; there’s mistakes left on there. That’s what I wanted on my solo album. I did one show; it’s called ‘94 Live One Night in Nashville. And that’s the truth; it’s one show with no overdubs, nothing. I gave that to Michael Wagener, he mixed it and it’s ready to go…

MetalTitans: With the vinyl version there’s a covers E.P. included. What is that exactly?

John Corabi: I believe that’s an acoustic show we did for a radio station and a bunch of contest winners. We recorded it and took all the cover songs from the set and mixed that.

MetalTitans: What’s the worst job that you’ve ever had?

John Corabi: Wow. [long pause] Worst job I’ve ever had…man, I haven’t had many jobs. I’ve always been a musician. I did have a few; I think the worst is when I was living in Philly and I worked for a shoe distributor. It was family owned, I worked there with my brother in law at the time. I just hated that job! It was owned by two older gentlemen; one of them had a son. I was in my early 20s at that point in time; he must have been 6-7 years older than me. Man, what an asshole! I can’t stand when people talk down to me. The guy knew he was ‘the boss’ and that he was the owner and he constantly let you know it. I was like I know I work for you, I get it. Things finally blew up; I used a few adjectives and a few verbs. [laughs] I just couldn’t do it anymore. That may be the worst job I’ve ever had.

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  • Keith G on

    John Corabi is an extremely talented guy, and The Dead Daisies (hate that name!) are a really good band. John’s album with Motley Crue is one of my favorite Crue records! Mick Mars said it was one of his favorite records, as well. MAKE SOME NOISE is a really good record, and I will definitely be interested in checking out this live record.

  • robert davenport on

    I was aware of john before he joined motley , I know I’m in the minority here , but that is the only motley album own, he is the type of singer I enjoy , I have never liked vinces’ voice- hope this band does something-

    • Michael B on

      I agree. There are a lot of fans out there that feel the same way. Vince’s career with Motley peaked with Dr. Feelgood, and was all down hill from there. I’ll always love Too fast for Love, and Shout, great classic albums.

      I think they made a huge mistake not continuing with John. Maybe they would have sold less records, but the music was miles better. They had a great sound together.

  • T on

    Regarding the Daisies, It seems like Doug (who is a great player IMHO), rounded up his former Whitesnake band mates, grabbed a solid vocalist and rhythm guitar player, and there it is. I might even go see these guys, it looks like a solid lineup of serious players.

  • J J on

    Check out Corabi’s acoustic version of Hooligans Holiday. Hope Mick Mars and Corabi collaborate again in the future.

  • Brian B on

    John recorded a couple albums with Bruce Kulick from KISS. The band was called Union. Good stuff. I would like to see them get back together . Definitely worth looking for if you are a fan of John or Bruce.

    • Keith G on

      I have the first UNION record John made with Bruce K. Definitely worth checking out! My first exposure to John was a record he made with a band called THE SCREAM. That was a KILLER record, and I played the shit out of it! Would love to find it again and download it on my IPod, but ITunes doesn’t have it available.

    • Rattlehead on

      Keith, I have The Scream on CD. I’d be more than happy to provide you a copy, if you can think of a way for me to send/give it to you.

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