Great White frontman Jack Russell has revealed that he drank himself into a coma last year before getting help to sober up.

The vocalist – who will release his album The Gauntlet later this year under the banner of Jack Russell’s Great White – says he hit rock bottom in his battle with booze in 2015.

Russell tells Music Mania, “I was in a coma eight months ago from drinking too much. The doctor told me when I woke up, ‘If you drink again, your liver’s gonna shut down and you’re gonna die.’ So I’m not gonna take the chance. I’m doing good right now. My body’s in great shape. I’ve been working out. I’ve been running. I just took care of myself, got some muscle on me, and I’m back on stage doing what I used to do. It’s great.”

On what fans can expect from The Gauntlet, Russell adds, “It’s very eclectic. There’s a song called My Addiction, which is straight to the point. There’s no punches drawn about my life and about the things that I’ve been through. There’s a lot of really heavy songs on this record. And the guitar playing is just phenomenal. I’ve never had a guitarist that I’ve ever worked with in all my years that has been as good a guitarist as Robby Lochner.”

Last year, Russell opened up on the “survivor’s guilt” he still feels following the 2003 nightclub fire in Rhode Island that killed 100 people.

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  • Rattlehead on

    It must be terrible to go through life with all the guilt from the deaths of those at the Great White show in Rhode Island. Prayers for you, brother Jack, take care of yourself, and seek professional help, if necessary. The answer is never at the bottom of a liquor bottle.

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