dondokken640 Don Dokken was a guest on the September 28th broadcast of Eddie’s Sirius/XM show, Eddie Trunk Live. Portions of the interview appear below as transcribed by

Dokken confirmed to Eddie that there have been talks about a reunion with Lynch, bassist Jeff Pilson and drummer Mick Brown, but claimed that scheduling conflicts with Pilson’s main band, Foreigner, have derailed those pland

“I talked to George about the Dokken reunion,” Don said. “It’s been going on for two years. We were all up for it. But Jeff is busy with Foreigner until 2018. And he said, ‘Well, let’s do it in 2018.’ By then, ISIS might be running this country. So it’s off the books. It’s not happening.”

In an August 2015 interview with Glide Magazine, guitarist George Lynch said the possibility of a Dokken reunion, “comes and goes every couple of years [laughs], so who knows. But we’re talking again about that.”


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  • Rob Poling Jr on

    Jeff makes good money in Foreigner so he’s not giving that up. The business side involving money has always pulled the plug on any reunion. I don’t know how the money was split when Dokken was at their peak but Dokken was and always will be Don’s band. George had said Don wanted the other members to be hired guns and not actually equal partners and that killed it for him and now it’s Jeffs fault. The story changes monthly and depending on who you talk to.

  • MetalMania on

    Craig, I’ll give a +1 to “Dysfunctional”, though personally I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece. If Dokken has such an album in their catalog, I’d probably cast my vote for “Under Lock and Key”. “Dysfunctional” doesn’t sound like the earlier Dokken records, and at first I didn’t like it that much because of it. But it grew on me – I really do think it’s a solid album and I’ll bet many fans of Dokken in the 80’s have never heard it.

    Who knows whose story with this band is the truth – I suspect it’s probably a little bit of everyone. The impression I got from one of GL’s interviews (sorry, don’t recall where I saw it) is that after “Back for the Attack” Dokken had a chance to sign a big contract, the “payoff” for the work they put in up until then, that would have gotten them some real money and big time label support – and that’s when things fell apart when Don wanted the lion’s share of it. According to George they all would have been pretty well off split equally but Don wouldn’t agree to it. So the story went anyway. Then the bottom fell out under the 80’s rock scene anyway and the rest is history.

    • Dana on


      I always said that, Back For The Attack, was Dokken’s most underrated album. It also happens to be my favorite one, as well.

      D 🙂

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