Singer Bret Michaels says Poison will reunite “without a doubt.”

The frontman – who tours regularly as a solo artist – has not played with Poison since 2012. Although, he hasn’t put a date on it, he insists the band will perform together again at some point.

He tells the Sun Herald, “When the time is right we will get back out there, without a doubt.”

The vocalist adds that he is always writing new music so is never short of material. He says, “I actually carry an awesome studio rig with me so I’m always in the studio. I’ve done work on the bus, plane, dressing rooms, hotel rooms. Whenever the moment hits, I’m able to capture the idea.”

Last year, Michaels hinted that Poison could play some shows in 2016 to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

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  1. Great picture of Bret. 🙂

    I was fortunate enough to meet him once up at Eddie’s XM show. He was super nice and prettier than most women. He even had beautiful hands, damn him-LOL!!!

  2. 5150, Mets 1986 World Series 30th anniversary, Poison, a lot of 30th anniversary’s this year! Come on guys, 1 more tour! “I Want Action” tonight! 😉

  3. Never liked his music much, I always thought it sounded like punching a days old loaf of bread, but, hey, he’s one of us, at least as far as the mainstream goes. I.e., I’d take Poison in the Super Bowl halftime show over that stuff they tried to shove down our throats previously.

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