Katy Kroll of Billboard reports:

“You only get so many 30-year anniversaries.”

So says former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach on why he’ll perform the rock band’s 1989 self-titled debut album in its entirety on a solo tour, despite a contentious 1996 split from the band and lingering animosity that has hindered a reunion.

The idea for the tour percolated when, in January, Rhino Records released a remastered 30th-anniversary digital deluxe edition of the multiplatinum album, expanded with a bonus track and previously unreleased live recordings.

“It’s like it’s from a different time,” says Bach, 51. And indeed, 30 years is the span of a generation.

Since the release of Skid Row, grunge was born, nu-metal had its moment, emo experienced mainstream success, and rap rose to worldwide domination. But the appeal of songs like Youth Gone Wild, 18 and Life and I Remember You endures.

“The music has a life of its own,” says Bach. “When people hear it, they get an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, which you can take as a compliment or cringe. People especially have a lot of memories attached to I Remember You, which was the number one prom song in 1990, according to USA Today…”

…Despite two power ballads being its biggest hits [18 and Life and I Remember You], Skid Row fell more musically in line with Guns N’ Roses than, say, Poison. Yet it still often gets lumped in with other “hair metal” bands.

“It used to bother me,” admits Bach, “because I’ve played 100 times more shows with Guns N’ Roses than Poison. But when you get older, things change. I’m not an angry young man anymore. Now I’m just proud to be associated with musicians who go out and headline sheds every single summer. I make a great living touring on these songs…”

Bach [admits that he] has not been in a room with his former [Skid Row] bandmates (aside from [drummer Rob] Affuso) in 23 years because, he says, “they f–king hate me.” But he’s still hoping a reunion is in the cards someday. “For the fans, and for me as a fan, yes, I’d like to do it. My father died at age 57, and his father also died at 57 — and every time I go online, somebody in rock is dying or getting cancer or just getting too old to do it anymore. I don’t know if I’ll be around for the next 30 years, so why not do it while I’m still physically capable?”

What would it take to get to that point? “If they’d just let my manager, Rick Sales, take them out to dinner, the [original] band would be on the road again. But they don’t like dealing with managers. Unlike them, it is physically and mentally impossible for me to be mad at somebody for so long — 23 years. That’s like being mad at someone from grade school. But it’s a thin line between love and hate. I don’t love anything about the situation now with the band. But I love everything about when the album came out.”

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Click here for more information,. and to view tour dates, for Bach’s 30th anniversary Skid Row tour.

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  1. #1, the only thing that rap ever dominated was brainless little trolls.
    #2, anybody else notice the Billy Joel reference? Not sure when that photo was taken, but Bach still looks “Angry” to me! 😉

  2. I remember a picture went viral not long ago of bas and dave sabo together so im not sure why bas said he has only spoken to the drummer since the band ended. What a shame they could not have worked something out around the time GnR got back together. It would have been awesome to see those guys open for GnR again like back in the day.

  3. Although to the best of my knowledge the band doesn’t bad mouth him (or even discuss him) often, I get the feeling they really do not like him. Maybe they imagine that a “one-off” reunion could have Bach saying crazy things on stage (like asking the audience what they thought about a reunion, which they would absolutely love), and the guys would look petty for refusing to work with Bach, unless they tell everyone why, which probably isn’t pretty.
    That being said, the first few albums were good, and a tour with them playing those songs again would probably be well attended. Maybe open up a few G&R Shows? I would get my black jeans and fringe leather jacket out if that happens 😉

  4. I liked a few skid row tunes , never a massive fan- I was curious so I watched a few YouTube clips of his band live this year just a couple of days ago .. Bas had great pipes at one time , sadly not any more – and he talks like he is still in high school – not sure if that is part of his schtick… or if he stopped maturing at 16 – i’m Sure he’s a great guy – but I understand now why the guys in skid row would rather move on – & if there are unresolved personal issues and bad feelings on top of his iffy vocals I can see why they want to leave the past in the past –

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