scorpions640 The Scorpions have posted the following messages on their Facebook page:

“[Drummer] James Kottak boarded a plane out of Dubai and arrived in the US last night. He will have to find the time to sort out his problems… Scorpions.”

“Dear fans, at this point we want to hear personally from James what happened in Dubai…we let you know…Hopefully there will be better days ….. Scorpions.”

Scorpions drummer James Kottack was reportedly convicted of insulting Islam, raising his middle finger, and being under the influence of alcohol while in transit at Dubai airport.

Addtionally according to The National, the drummer consumed five glasses of wine on a flight from Moscow to Dubai. He was in transit to Bahrain to perform at the country’s Formula One grand prix about 11pm on April 3rd.

He said he and a friend had taken a wrong turn and enter-ed the transit hall. Kottak was arrested for being drunk and became angry, witnesses said.

They said he started swearing and talking about “non-educated Muslims,” then flashed his middle finger at Pakistani passengers. Police said he also exposed his behind.

Policeman A said he heard Kottak say, “What is this disgusting smell?” before he insulted Islam.

“I didn’t see anything else but I heard him. I then informed my supervisor, who came and took the defendant away,” A said.

A customer service employee at the airport, said: “When he saw the Pakistani and Afghan passengers, he covered his nose and said that there was no way he will travel with them.”

The drummer has been detained in Dubai since April 3rd, but according to the Scorpions’ Facebook post above, has been freed and now back in the States.

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  • Lee on

    Put some loot in front of Herman The German, heck, bring Michael’s whole band as the Scorps backing/opening act. UFO third on the bill.

    • Richman on

      The 1981 line up with Cozy Powell was really great. The album MSG with ON AND ON and LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE is a masterpiece. Gary Barden has always been the best voice for Schenker.

  • Taskerofpuppets on

    Douche + bag = Kottak

    • Richman on

      Also Douche + bag = KOTEX.

    • Taskerofpuppets on

      Hahahaaa, I was thinking the same thing but thought it would be redundant. Perfect equation Richman.


  • Dustin on

    I’m surprised they didn’t give him an “honor killing”. Isn’t that what they do when their women get out of line ?

  • Lee on

    At least he didn’t moon them.

    • Dana on


      Maybe you’re being facetious, but the article states, “Police said he also exposed his behind.”

      Dana from 🙂

  • Dalevis on

    This sort of behavior is the reason we are still shelling out $100 to see Motley Crue. These are the stories we want to hear on TMS. I’m kind of surprised by the number comments on this thread and the previous ones that indicate that many of you think that it is okay for a guy to spend 30 days in jail for extending his middle finger. If he were in legal trouble for mocking Christians in Arkansas, would we feel the same way? I’m for letting rock stars be rock stars. It would be a shame if all of those macho bravado anthems were just words not backed up with at least a little bit of action.

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