scorpions400 The Associated Press is reporting that Newspapers in the United Arab Emirates are reporting that the American drummer for the rock band Scorpions has been sentenced to one month in jail after being convicted of offensive behavior in Dubai.

The government-backed National newspaper reported Tuesday that James Kottak was convicted of insulting Islam, raising his middle finger, and being under the influence of alcohol while in transit at Dubai airport.

The Gulf News daily says he was arrested April 3rd en route from Russia to Bahrain, where the German band was scheduled to perform at a Formula One race. Kottak was a no-show at the April 5th concert.

The newspapers say Kottak admitted to drinking but denied other charges.

The Scorpions’ manager did not respond to requests for comment. Kottak’s local lawyer couldn’t immediately be reached.


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  • Ken b on

    Anybody who has traveled abroad has to always respect the culture and laws of the country your visiting. It’s that simple!

  • Patrick S. on

    Rock and roll has always been rebellious music written by rebellious people. If Dubai or any other country with similar beliefs is against this form of art , they either need to ban this type of music coming into their country or just get over it!

  • Milton Berle's Shlong on

    Does anyone remember 2 years ago when a baseball fan was beaten to the point of brain damage in front of his child in California? I bet that doesn’t happen in Dubai.

    • Eye Owe Me on

      A violent act by Mexicans. I don’t think Dubai has many Mexicans.

  • staten island clown on

    Kottak is a great guy, and a great drummer. You don’t even know him and you are saying all this stupid shit: Putting him in the middle of U.S. and Middle East relations!The bottom line actually, is that he made a mistake, but he doesn’t belong over there.
    Kottak once played a Scorpions show, then immediately got on a plane to fly all the way across the world, so he could help his friend Mandy Lion play a show,in a club! and the guy is an exceptionally good drummer. This guy , whom I’ve met, doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body.

    • Milton Berle's Shlong on

      So Clown, he belonged there when he was gonna get paid but not after he broke the law. Acting up in airport gets you arrested here as well. I’m glad he’s a solid drummer and friend. Maybe you’ll be waiting in line at an airport and someone will ’cause a scene and you can defend him and say THAT’S ROCK N ROLL MAN.

    • Dana on

      Have you watched the Ex Wives of Rock?

      Sorry, it may all be for the cameras, or done in the editing room, but he really comes off as a horrible father and ex husband. Very self centered, grossly immature and he clearly has a drinking problem.

      Dana from 🙂

    • staten island clown on

      No Dana, I haven’t. I never watch TV, except the national evening news. And perhaps he is all of those things which you describe. But that does surprise me quite a bit, much different than the guy I met.

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