An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) forĀ Sacrifice, the new album from Saxon, can be seen below.

Sacrifice will be released on March 1st in Europe, March4th in the U.K. and March 26th in North America through UDR.

Sacrifice track listing:

1. Procession
2. Sacrifice
3. Made In Belfast
4. Warriors Of The Road
5. Guardians Of The Tomb
6. Stand Up And Fight
7. Walking The Steel
8. Night Of The Wolf
9. Wheels Of Terror
10. Standing In A Queue

Bonus track:

* Luck Of The Draw (on iTunes only)
1. Crusader (orchestrated version)
2. Just Let Me Rock (re-recorded version)
3. Requiem (acoustic version)
4. Frozen Rainbow (acoustic version)
5. Forever Free (re-recorded version)









3 Responses

  1. There’s something very “spinal Tap” about an English band writing metal songs about the Mayans.
    They sound very good though, and they still have a good edge.

  2. I saw Saxon two years ago, and I must admit that I’ve never seen a band that Rocked as much as they did… As T says, they still have something to offer….

  3. Hopefully Andy Sneap can bring out the best from Saxon – and then – HEY EDDIE – ACCEPT/SAXON/MOTORHEAD…. one for the ages…. “That Metal Show – Metal Masters”.

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