Grammy-winning musician Sammy Hagar, today surprised fans by dropping an experimental short film to accompany, Space Between, his critically acclaimed concept album with supergroup The Circle which debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 in May of this year. The innovative visuals, directed by ZZ Satriani (son of legendary musician Joe Satriani) illuminate the 10 songs or chapters of the Hagar-penned concept album showcasing on the themes of money, greed, enlightenment and truth.

Space Between chapters:

1.  Devil Came to Philly
2.    Full Circle Jam [Chump Change]
3.    Can’t Hang
4.    Wide Open Space
5.    Free Man
6.    Bottom Line
7.    No Worries
8.    Trust Fund Baby
9.    Affirmation
10.  Hey Hey [Without Greed]

Watch the film Space Between, below.

Stream and purchase the album here.

Click on the highlighted titles to listen to songs from Space Between.

Trustfund Baby
Can’t Hang

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  • MikeyMan on

    Why wasn’t this included as a bonus DVD with the CD?
    There were music videos that also could’ve been included with the release of the CD.
    In today’s music climate, we fans deserve a “deluxe or bonus” edition with extra material.
    If you want to sell hard copies these days, throw the fans a bone.
    I’m getting tired of spending $10, $12, or 15 bucks for less than 40 minutes of CD in a crappy cardboard “digipack”
    Yeah, I’m talking about Sammy, Rival Sons, Puddle Of Mudd, Tom Keifer, Steel Panther, ALL with shitty packaging. Know why everyone’s downloading or streaming? Consumers hate paying over 12 bucks for a 99 cent disc wrapped in weak-ass cardboard.
    It’s no wonder vinyl is popular today, great presentation. Certainly not the convenience.

    BTW, the new Scott Stapp album is fantastic, 12 high quality songs. Best COMPLETE album I’ve heard in years!

    • Charles Clinchot on

      U are still paying 11, to 12 $, for a download, That is unless you save it as a back up, you still have a chance of not having it available to re-download (bought the final type o neg album, Dead Again, back when it came out. I saved it, but the file was corrupted, Now, I cannot download it because it doesn’t show up as purchased paid. All I get is a sorry from apple) so I will buy the CD. At least, I have a hard copy I could re-burn, as long as the liner notes.

  • RTunes68 on

    Sam’s next concept album should be about a guy who has difficulty driving within the speed limit, but people still like him anyway because he holds the most coveted secret in a particular sub-genre of popular music, which he keeps in a secure rectangular numbered container…

  • Doug R. on

    Didn’t like the new album, no interest in the short film, but me & my buddies are still going to see Sammy & The Circle next month at the Walt Disney Theater! I don’t like or want “messages” or especially “politics” or any kind of bullsh-t like that in my music, I just like fun in my rock ‘n’ roll! I want to see the old Sammy back again, the “Cabo Wabo,” “Mas Tequila,” “Shaka Doobie” Red Rocker!! 😉 Tonight, we got Godsmack down here in Estero! Cheers!! 🙂

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