robcaggiano400Former Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano hasn’t wasted any time whatsoever with his recent decision to leave the band and dedicate his career to production. In fact, Caggiano has entered the studio with Danish rockers Volbeat to twiddle the knobs on their fifth studio album, which is titled ‘Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies’ and due this spring.

“We’re back in the studio, this time breaking some of our old habits and this sometimes means leaving our comfort zone,” reveals Volbeat frontman Michael Poulsen. “We are recording in a new environment, producing with a new set up breaking new sonic ground and it’s exciting! Together with our long time collaborator Jacob Hansen we also have the honor of having producer Rob Caggiano on board in the producer’s seat. Expect lots of surprises and some of our most rocking heavy songs to date. We feel more than ever that we are taking the Volbeat sound to another level without changing what we’re all about. Can’t wait for it to get out there!”

Caggiano shocked the metal world two weeks ago when he announced his departure from Anthrax, but his producing resume includes work with Anthrax, Bleeding Through and the Damned Things among others,

Volbeat’s ‘Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies’ will be the follow-up to their 2010 album ‘Beyond Hell / Above Heaven,’ which yielded the chart-topper ‘A Warrior’s Call’ and the current hit ‘ Heaven Nor Hell.’

Volbeat will visit North America once again for a comprehensive tour with Danko Jones beginning in Dallas on March 6 and concluding in Philadelphia on April 11.

source:  Graham “Gruhamed” Hartmann for Loudwire

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  1. Great to hear! Volbeat is one of the greatest bands ever (even if Eddie Trunk refuses to reply to my tweets about them)! I love the work Rob did with Anthrax and The Damned Things. I am hoping to see him playing guitar for them too! I think they still have a vacancy.

    1. what exactly would you like me to say about Volbeat? I haven’t heard anything yet I love but look forward to the next record and maybe that will change…

    2. Sorry I missed your reply until now. Have you given all of their albums a listen? They have such a wide range of influences that make a never-before-heard blend of thrash, punk, country, death metal, and rockabilly that really works very well together. Overall, it is their thrashy riffs, solid drums/rhythm and killer vocals and lyrics that makes them a great metal band.
      Hear are ome songs you should check out that may be under the radar.
      Say Your Number
      Fire Song
      Mr. and Mrs. Ness
      Wild Rover of Hell
      7 Shots
      These are some harder ones that you may not hear unless suggested. I just think they have such a great sound and are one of the greatest live bands money can buy period! Give them another “focused” listen and if you don’t like them, so be it. I really think they deserve the airplay and publicity. There is a lot there that appeals to a very wide range of tastes.
      But, to each his own. I have been trying to find something I like about Danko Jones and can’t. Suggest a few of their’s to listen to. I’m seeing them open for Volbeat.

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