ResurrectionKingsband640 Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated self-titled debut album from Resurrection Kings on January 29th, 2016.

Resurrection Kings is a new band centered around the talents of former Dio and Giuffria guitar player, Craig Goldy. Everything starts from a set of demos he recorded with singer Chas West, a guy with an unbelievable set of pipes, who has worked with such bands as the Jason Bonham Band, Foreigner, Lynch Mob, Tribe Of Gypsies, and 3 Legged Dogg.

“It all started five years ago when Craig Goldy asked me to get together to write,” says Chas. Out of those demo sessions, the song “Livin’ Out Loud” in particular strongly impressed Frontiers’ President, Serafino Perugino who asked Craig to build up a project/band around that musical concept. He also suggested Sean McNabb for bass (Lynch Mob, Dokken, Quiet Riot), while Craig later brought in former Dio bandmate Vinny Appice on drums.

“Serafino wanted to make an album with famous musicians from the 80’s and I was flabbergasted when he asked me to participate” says Craig Goldy. “We’ve all know each other for a long time and it was a pleasure to work with everyone – my God with Chas, Sean and Vinny that’s a killer line-up!”

Frontiers in-house writer and producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (Revolution Saints, Hardline, Rated X) offered his services to the band and wrote (or co-wrote with Goldy) a few tracks to round up the material that was available. “He is a great songwriter, producer, musician and singer” says Goldy, “some of the demo versions already had vocals and everything else. So all we did was learn the songs and did them our way. When Sean and Vinny got hold of these songs they really came alive and gave me automatic inspiration to write and perform on top of what was already written”.

The resulting album is an impressive example of classic hard rock with a contemporary production and edge. Think Whitesnake 1987 mixed with Dio’s Dream Evil, with a touch of classic Zeppelin and Rainbow and you will not be far from the end result. An extremely strong record where the musicians are able to stretch their wings and please their numerous fans.

Watch a video for the song, Who Did You Run To, below.

Tracklisting for Resurrection Kings:

Distant Prayer
Livin’ Out Loud
Wash Away
Who Did You Run To
Fallin’ For You
Never Say Goodbye
Path Of Love
Had Enough
Don’t Have To Fight No More
Silent Wonder
What You Take

Resurrection Kings:

Chas West – vocals
Craig Goldy – guitars
Sean McNabb – bass guitar
Vinny Appice – drums

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8 Responses

  1. Sounds like recycled Dokken riffs to me, and once again, produced and partially written by the same guy who helps write all the Frontier records releases. I like Vinnie as a drummer though, the rest is pretty generic.

    1. Yes this riff is reminiscent of a George Lynch riff….and yes….I didn’t write it …..and it’s not your fault for noticing that this producer does a lot of stuff for frontiers…..however….this album is loaded with stuff not even near your comment here…..but how would you know if this is the first and only thing you had to listen to! The song “Livin’ Out Loud” was written by me and Chas, and that one really sets the tone for the whole album!! Hope you give that one a try…..and then “Fallin’ for You” and then “Silent Wonder”…..those I co-wrote with the producer and they too aren’t like this one at all!
      I like this song… has a lot of “non-George Lynch-ish” moments all over the place if you can get past the opening riff!!

    2. And yes……Vinny is the MAN! And he made these songs really come alive in a way that no other drummer could’ve!! Hope you give the rest of the album a chance! There’s some really good stuff on it!!

    1. Actually no…….we are currently in negotiations with managers and agents to put together a tour in support of this album and we all would like to do another one!!

  2. Like a lot of new music, this has no heart…no depth. Forgetable. I always thought Guiffria was a band with nothing behind their music…good musicians and vocals, but it didn’t “move me” to anything other than “eh, it’s alright” and this sounds like Craig Goldy took that approach with this song

    1. What songs did you listen to on the first Giuffria album?
      Songs like “Don’t Tear me Down”, “Turn me On” and “Do Me Right” are quite cool songs……forgettable….perhaps in your world…..but I’ve been all over the world….and even when Ronnie was with us…..all the Meet & Greets ( free ones….miss those days )……so many people came up with that first Giuffria album for me to sign!! And it’s ok if you’ve heard the whole album and still think it’s forgettable……you deserve to have your own opinion…..but it would be nice to know just which Giuffria songs you are referring to…….cause there’s only one song on this album that is reminiscent of Giuffria…..and it’s the ballad….and it was done that way on purpose for the Giuffria fans!!

    2. And besides the ballad……there are no songs with the Giuffria approach as you call it……have you heard the whole Resurrection Kings album yet? Or did this song scare you away?

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