VinnieMoore400 The debut, self-titled album by Red Zone Rider (RZR) will be officially released by Magna Carta on September 16th.

Consisting of world class guitar hero, Vinnie Moore; vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Kelly Keeling; and drummer, Scot Coogan, RZR plays rock’n’roll infected by a heavy blues-oriented backdrop. Played by the newly emerging AOR radio of the early 1970’s which featured bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Mountain, Grand Funk, the sound of this era is heard throughout RZR’s album. Dripping with attitude and swagger, two of the chief components of music from this time period, Red Zone Rider sounds like they could easily have been recording in London in 1972 with Eddie Kramer at the board. Instead, RZR recorded the new album a year ago in Las Vegas with Mike Varney producing. In either scenario, Vinnie, Kelly and Scot have made an album that will span decades. Red Zone Rider is one of the finest musical combinations to have come forth in a long, long time.


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  • Heavy on

    Best heavy throwback blues band going currently is Washington states Mos Generator. New album Electric Mountain Majesty . Tony Reed is a heavy rocknroll madman throwin’ down a ton of recordings also as Stone Axe, on different labels (Small Stone, Ripple, Listenable)

    Kelly Keeling is from my hometown I am aquainted with his brother Chris.

    • Kelly keeling on

      Hey heavy…who are ya ..

      Thanks for the kind words ..also u eddie.

      Can’t wait to get together again with scot and vinnie to perform these songs again and give life to more as its been a good while …

  • Doug on

    So many supergroups forming these days, hard to keep up.

  • tony conley on

    The album is very, very good. I knew Keeling had a great voice, but I didn’t know he was a wickedly cool bassist, and organ player. I’ve also never heard Vinnie Moore sound better. I hope these guys get to do some shows, and there’s more music to be heard from them down the road. This will be one of the sleepers of 2014.

  • Peter Kellock on

    First time listening to the new album, loving it. Keeling also did a great job of the Whitesnake cover / still of the night, I also agree that there are loads of ‘super groups’

  • Richard Broussard on

    Awesome band. Kelly is from Lafayette, La and has played with great musicians over the years. Vinnie Moore is amazing. Hope to see them sometime soon.

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