ratt2013410 Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy says the band are hoping to release their tenth album this year to tie in with the band’s 30th anniversary.

With the help of guitarist Warren DeMartini, he’s trying to ensure that the follow-up to 2010′s well-received Infestation retains the feel of the glam metal band’s early material.

Pearcy tells Noize In The Attic, “Warren and I are spearheading the next record to be what it should be: a more Out Of The Cellar thing. Just real hardcore, basically. We’ve already recorded one track – and if this song is the only song ever released, I’d be way happy. We have so much good music we haven’t even tapped into. It’s good stuff.”

The vocalist says they’ve already hired a producer for recording sessions, which are due to commence in the next few months. “We’re trying not to do shows, even though there are some on the books,” he says. “We want a record out – that’s what we want. Our thirtieth anniversary and our tenth record.”

Ratt’s path to their next album has been plagued with the kind of political struggles fans have come to accept. In 2011 former bassist Juan Croucier accused them of poaching guitarist Carlos Cavazo from his band in order to get at him – then later rejoined himself.

In the same year drummer Bobby Blotzer described working with Ratt as like “rolling a snowball uphill” after having blasted his bandmates in his autobiography. Last year Pearcy said he’d learned lessons from Blotzer’s experience and didn’t hold any grudge over the contents of his book, saying, “We’re not the only band in history who were dysfunctional. Eventually and hopefully, you get your shit together and you grow up.”

additional source: classicrockmagazine.com

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  1. Every time I have a listen to one of Ratt’s first three albums, it reminds me how good they really were, and Infestation really is that good to be put right alongside the first three. Pearcy was never my favorite singer but this band had more hooks than a fishing trawler. While they were definitely “glam”, if you listen to the music with an unprejudiced ear, they were fairly heavy compared to a lot of their contemporaries. I’m not talking about Iron Maiden or Metallica of course, but vs Motley Crue (post Shout at the Devil), Poison, Bon Jovi, etc. – IMHO Ratt smoked them all. As for trying to have an “Out of the Cellar” kind of sound on the new album, hey I’m fine with that, that was an awesome album. I’m generally in favor of bands being able to evolve and grow, and sometimes that evolution is for the better. But sometimes it isn’t, and a band finds out what they’re meant to sound like, and going back to the roots isn’t all that bad.

  2. Bringing Jaun back into the fold is probably a good idea, and Warren can flat out shred (he and George Lynch have a similar style in my opinion). It’s easy to kind of make jokes about them and others from that era of cheezy music videos and ultimate excess, but their songs totally hold up IMHO. Good hard melodic rock. I’ll probably buy it. (On another note, Where is the new Jon Sykes record!)

  3. What a coincidence…I just dusted off my Out Of The Cellar a few days ago and have been listening to it nearly non-stop…round and round it plays, baby!

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