bobbyblotzer400 In response to singer Stephen Pearcy’s announcement that he has quit Ratt, drummer Bobby Blotzer has released his own statement.

“To our/my Ratt fans and friends… I will say to you guys, I am sorry that I brought you guys into our personal world and turbulation. I’ve been so personally driven to a breaking point with our band being held hostage every year, that I’ve kind of been snapping. I wish we were still all four together and doing business as great as we have been doing. Especially last year. This is why its so nonsensical to me to have this disruption in a business we’ve built for the last 33 years.”

“Reality sits at, Stephen and I have gotten along since his return in ’07,” continued Blotzer. “Aside from the fact that he basically quits every year. It’s been hard to deal with. I feel bad that I might have put a dividing line out here, and for that I’m feeling bad about and I to a certain level feel the need to apologize to YOU Guys. My words were true, but the words should have stayed in my mind. And again I state that, I was only kidding about this picture thing with Steve, dumb joke. You ever done that? Exactly. When this news popped today, my phone was blowing up all day while I was trying to enjoy an afternoon with friends and I just lost it. I was going to come home and tear into that release line by line. I read your thoughts and realized that it’s time to shut the f**k up. As hard as that feels because we, the 4 other guys in this band did nothing to merit this whole behavior from Stephen.”

Ratt’s last album was 2010′s Infestation.

additional source: sleazeroxx.com

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  • Bon Posey on


    Not to get off the troll Ratt/troll the trolls thread but just curious; does Eddie check out the comments much or make an occasional comment himself? (Much respect for Eddie keeping the spirit of HM alive).

    • Dana on

      Hi Bon,

      Actually, Eddie used have the sole responsibility of approving all the comments and responding when necessary. But, since his travel schedule has become much more hectic as of late, I have been helping him out. Eddie does answer many of the questions here himself, time permitting. Hope that answers your question.

      Dana at ET.com 🙂

  • Joe on

    Happy Birthday to the one AND ONLY Spaceman———Ace Frehley!!! Joe in The Cuse

  • Jamie on

    I think 6 flags have a coupon on coke cans for free entry. If you buy a case you can follow RATT around on tour.

  • Phantom448 on

    Does this mean they are not going to perform at the rock and roll Hall of Fame, when they are inducted?

  • Lee on

    “I seen Ratt” (sic). Sad.

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