The newly reunited Ratt, featuring three members of the band’s classic lineup — singer Stephen Pearcy, bassist Juan Croucier and guitarist Warren DeMartini — has scheduled the following tour dates:

Apr. 26 – The Paramount – Huntington, NY
Apr. 27 – Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA
Apr. 28 – The Sherman Theater – Stroudsburg, PA
Apr. 29 – M3 Rock Festival – Columbia, MD

May 28 – Rocklahoma – Pryor, OK

Jun. 1 – Limelight – Peoria, IL
Jun. 2 – Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL
Jun. 3 – Rockfest – Kansas City, KS
Jul. 7 – Uncle Sam Jam – Woodhaven, MI
Jul. 12 – Rock Fest – Cadott, WI

Pearcy, Croucier and DeMartini played their first official show as the reunited Ratt on February 11th at Treasure Island in Welch, Minnesota. They were joined on stage by former Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo, who played on RATT’s last studio album, 2010’s Infestation, and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso, who previously played with Y&T, White Lion and Megadeth, among others.

Ratt’s recent legal troubles over the band’s moniker have been well documented, but in November it appears that members DiMartini, Pearcy and Croucier were granted permission to use the name over former bandmate, Bobby Blozter.

In February, Blozter posted the following message to his Facebook page.

“Hey Rattlers:

Just a small bit of info regarding the three bland mice show over the weekend and where things stand on the legal side 🙂
Thing look a lot worse than you think. If those lying thieves or anyone not privy to this knows whats going on, it sure as fk ain’t over. It it were, where’s the judgement?

PREDICTION: Injunction granted W.B.S. Inc RATT on tour all year.

Can’t give it all but, I can say with a true tongue, this is definitely not over. Very good surprises coming.
I saw a video of a couple of songs. Groundhog day.

SOS, Snoor

The Crypt Keeper Pearcy and his 15 year old stage garb,



Newz soon. FAHQ


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  • Keith G on

    I guess a version of Ratt with three original members is better than Blotzer’s version with just him, but I am so tired of this soap opera! Again, the “new” Ratt are touring, but no new music is being released! Infestation was a really good album, so they have it in them to write good, new material. Maybe I am too old school, but why tour if you are not supporting any new music? If Blotzer had any brains, he would suck it up and try to patch things up with the other three guys. If that could get done, they could put out some new music and do a proper tour. If not, he is just another old 80’s washed-up rock star that can’t even play dive bars! Ratt put out some good tunes, and as I said, their last album was surprisingly good. But they were not in the same league as a Van Halen, Whitesnake, or some of the other ICONIC bands from that era. WAY too much drama from these guys!

    • Rattlehead on

      Keith, after the drama that Blotzer put Warren, Juan, and Stephen through, there is no way in hell that they let Blotzer back in the band. Blotzer burned that bridge, and he has no one to blame but himself. Blotzer will have to get used to playing cover songs in bowling alleys, cuz this dude doesn’t know how to write tunes and doesn’t have the “brand” name to attract a decent audience.

    • Keith G on

      I completely agree that what you are saying is the likely outcome of this. Blotzer has completely blown up this relationship. He would be the one that would have to come begging to the other guys in the band, apologize, and hope to God that they would take him back. The only way I could see this happening is that if some promoter would give them a HUGE chunk of money to reunite all the living members of the band for a tour, like they did for Dokken. Money has a way of smoothing over a lot of things. If not, Blotzer’s career is DONE! His reputation has to be toxic, by now. I’m not sure that he could even become part of another band. It’s too bad, because he is a pretty decent drummer.

  • T on

    I had not seen that statement from Bobby before. Me thinks he protest too much.

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