Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of Quiet Riot’s highly anticipated new studio album, Road Rage on April 21st.

Famously known as the first heavy metal band to top the pop charts, the Los Angeles quartet became a global sensation thanks to their monstrous smash hit 1983 album, Metal Health. The band now continues their historic journey in 2017 with founding member and drummer Frankie Banali who, on this new release is joined by veteran bassist Chuck Wright (who has been in and out of Quiet Riot since 1982) and guitarist Alex Grossi (who has been handling his duties since 2004,) together with new vocalist Seann Nicols.

“I’m very excited about the release of ‘Road Rage’ on Frontiers Music Srl, which is the first official Quiet Riot release in eleven years. It contains all newly written and recorded original songs. We stayed true to the great tradition and sound of Quiet Riot while at the same time always moving musically forward,” says founding member Frankie Banali.

Frankie Banali’s history with Quiet Riot spans over 34 years and he has the distinction of being the only member of the band to have recorded on every single Quiet Riot release from 1983’s Mental Health through 2017’s Road Rage. After nearly ten years since the loss of his friend and co-founding member and bandmate Kevin DuBrow, and with careful consideration, soul searching and with the blessings and support of Kevin DuBrow’s family, Frankie has moved forward with the band to bring the fans “Road Rage.”

Musically, Road Rage offers exactly what you would expect from Quiet Riot. Arena ready hard rock with strong hooks and infectious riffs, along with maturity in the songwriting that only a band with such a history and pedigree can offer.

Quiet Riot are back stronger than ever, with the new album, Road Rage, Catch them on the road this summer.

Road Rage Track Listing:

1. Nothing But Trouble
2. Let It Go
3. Snake Charmer
4. Hey Lil’ Sister
5. I Don’t Need You Anymore
6. Sledge Hammer
7. Never You Mind
8. Empty Rooms
9. Dirty Money
10. The Seeker
11. Road Rage

Quiet Riot is:

Frankie Banali – drums
Alex Grossi – guitars
Chuck Wright – bass guitar
Seann Nicols – vocals

For more info visit:

Official Website

6 Responses

  1. Wow! Another 80’s band with ONE original member trying to keep the money rolling in a little longer. Why would anyone buy this? Don’t get me wrong, I think Frankie B. is a fantastic drummer. But Quiet Riot has been OVER for a long time! Metal Health was a GREAT record, and Condition Critical was an OKAY record. But, after that, who cares?!! Frankie needs to get together with some other great musicians and start something new. Stop trying to milk the name of Quiet Riot for a little while longer! It’s embarrassing, and a waste of a group of talented guys!

    1. Yeah, this is just as bad as “Ratt” featuring Bobby Blotzer, haha.

      Worst was years ago when I saw “Foreigner” and if it’s not bad enough that Mick Jones is the only original member, he was laid up with an illness or something so the result was that I got to see “Foreigner” with no original members…essentially a Foreigner coverband. Ridiculous.

    2. Frankie B. isn’t even and original member of Quiet Riot. The original drummer was Drew Forsyth, who recorded two albums, along with Kevin Dubrow and Randy Rhoads, before Metal Health was even released. I agree it is sad that Banali is milking the Quiet Riot brand, but he has the blessings of Dubrow’s mom to keep Kevin’s legacy alive, so more power to Banali, I guess….dude has a right to make a living, but I agree its sad that he can’t do something new with other great musicians.

  2. You can certainly tell by the way the article is written that they are desperate. Facts are facts, they had several great songs of which a couple were covers. Most of their records are forgettable to me. Had Randy Rhoads stayed in the band I’m sure they would’ve made much better records. There’s just so much better music out there these days from bands like Alter Bridge, Rival Sons & Red Sun Rising for example that blow Quiet Riots old records away that makes me say I’ll pass on the new cd.

    1. Totally agree, Frank. Quiet Riot, aside from the Metal Health album, were not that special. Frankie would be better served to find some other great musicians and put together something new. Look at Devil City Angels! That album is really good, straightforward, hard rock! All of the players except the singer were members of other 80’s bands, but they came together and created something great. I also agree that Alterbridge and Rival Sons are two great, new bands! Haven’t heard of Red Sun Rising, but I will definitely check them out. Scorpion Child and the Texas Hippie Coalition are two other newer bands I enjoy.

  3. Most of the 80’s bands have came and went, some dead, some still in it, some still in it and shouldn’t be. A positive note to the otherwise negative comments, is the upcoming generation, who didn’t get a chance to experience the 80’s bands can now get a chance to 1/2 way understand what the decade of decadence was about. Sure, it’s nothing like living through the era, but at least the spirit of the era is still hanging around in an otherwise pitiful time for hard rock / heavy metal. Still waiting on the next Zeppelin or G N R to happen, somehow the wait is getting longer, and longer, and longer……….

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