quietriotbangtour2014-640 While there are many tours making their way across North America this summer, NONE will offer more bang for the buck than the Bang Your Head tour, four of Heavy Metal/Hard Rock’s biggest brand names join forces for what will be a guaranteed evening not to miss every show.

Quiet Riot boasts the distinction of having the very first Heavy Metal album to debut at #1 on the Billboard charts, and they started the thriving Los Angeles scene that spawned countless others who followed their lead. They have sold over 40,000,000 records. In a testament to their longevity, Quiet Riot’s iconic anthem Bang Your Head (Mental Health) is currently featured in contemporary media via a wildly popular Hyundai commercial and their other classics, such as Cum On Feel The Noize and Mama Weer All Crazee Now can be heard everywhere from the Tony Award winning stage show and motion picture, Rock of Ages, to every major sporting event. The Bang Your Head tour brings them back to North American stages to crank out hit after hit for a both the old and new generation of fans!

Hollywood’s own Faster Pussycat bring their notorious live show to the tour, and they always go deep into their extensive catalog including chart toppers House Of Pain and Poison Ivy.

Bulletboys took the airwaves by storm with numerous smashes such as Smooth Up In Ya and For The Love Of Money off their platinum selling classic self-titled debut, and the always energetic quartet promises some surprises for this tour!

Acclaimed guitarist Gilby Clarke was a primary member of GUNS N ROSES during the bands biggest era and his success continued in the CBS hit series and subsequent supergroup Rockstar Supernova. Gilby will be performing cuts from all of his well-known projects performing many of the Guns N Roses hits!

Each artist on this bill dominated both MTV and radio airwaves in the 80’s, but still remain relevant to this day with heavy rotation on VH1’S Metal Mania and on both satellite and terrestrial rock radio throughout the world.

Dates to be announced soon.

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  • Eric Heaton on

    This is def bang for your buck! What a great way to celebrate the 80s!…(a little history lesson for all the justin beiber fans out there: thats the decade when mtv was about music, not shows about pregnant teens!)

    • greg on

      I agree Faster kicks ass

  • John G on

    Who is in Quiet Riot now anyways? Gotta be down to 2 members or less of the “classic lineup.”

    • Dana on


      The current line up of Quiet Riot are:

      Jizzy Pearl – vocals
      Frankie Banali – drums, percussion
      Chuck Wright – bass, backing vocals
      Alex Grossi – guitar, backing vocals

      Dana from EddieTrunk.com 🙂

    • John G on

      At least you have the drummer. I saw them open for Black Sabbath on the Born Again Tour. The sound was horrible, but I blame Sabbath for not giving QR much PA.

    • Scott on

      Meanwhile…..Eddie is in the background yelling “Damn….doesn’t ANYBODY know what Google is….son of a bitch!!” 🙂

    • John G on

      Yeah you’re right. I coulda just googled them. But at least I’m not calling Eddie and waiting for an hour to ask a routine question. But you are right – sheer laziness on my part and I am sorry. But I also wanted it posted on here for everyone to see. The press release is very misleading. Yes, Quiet Riot had a lot of success and sold a lot of records. The guys now calling themselves “Quiet Riot” have only one thing in common with that Quiet Riot that was written about – the drummer! This “Quiet Riot” hasn’t sold anything and the average rock fan that buys a ticket for this probably doesn’t even know that Dubrow is dead.

    • DR on

      Hilarious this band calls themselves Quiet Riot. They’d be better off going with a different name and creating something. Banali is smarter than that or so I thought. Btw his drumming on The Headless Children is still his best work.

  • scott gul on

    Does that really say Poison Ivy is a hit from Faster Pussycat. By hit ,do they mean it was never released as a single or video, or made into a video. LMFAO. By the way have you seen Taime Downe lately? Yes, faster pussycat….run faster or Taime will eat you….

    • Daryl on

      “Poison Ivy” actually was the 1st single (and video) from Faster Pussycat’s album “Wake Me When It’s Over”.

  • Lee on

    More PA, more bad music hitting the arena. Quiet Riot is buried. Seeing the ’83 line-up in a big bar was cool, they were hurting dogs playing that country bar.

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