Quiet Riot have announced a string of Summer/Fall tour dates, as well as a few for 2022 with more are being added. 

Earlier this year the band announced plans to release new music, which will feature material Frankie Banali and the band had been writing and recording in 2020. The band is currently working in the studio on the tracks for a tentative 2022 release.

Quiet Riot’s current line-up includes veteran bassist Chuck Wright, longtime guitarist Alex Grossi, vocalist Jizzy Pearl and former Type O Negative drummer Johnny Kelly.

Quiet Riot 2021/2022 tour dates:

7/2 Menaga, MN – Mid-Summer Music Fest

7/10 Austin, TX – Private Event

7/16 Red River Valley Fair – West Fargo, ND

7/17 The Lancaster Speedway – Lancaster, NY

7/31 Rock The Block Festival – Wilmington, OH

8/7 McMinnville, OR – Yamhill County Fair

8/26 Avenue 912 – Griffith, IN

8/27 Des Plaines Theater – Des Plaines, IL

8/28 SCM Steak Bake – Milton, PA

10/15 Reverb Concert Hall – Reading, PA

10/16 The Granada Theater – The Dalles Oregon

10/23 Arnolds Park, IA – Roof Garden

10/30 Larchwood, IA – Grand Falls Casino

11/6 Woodford, VA – Dominion Raceway

12/4 The Ridglea Theater – Ft. Worth, TX


3/26 Springfield, MA – MA. Mutual Center

4/1 Auburndale – FL – Clay County Fair w/ Skid Row & Warrant

For more information, please visit QuietRiot.Band or facebook.com/quietriot.

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  • Ray Gillen on

    Pretty solid band but it`s too weird without Frankie .

  • Michael Minutaglio on

    This is just a glorified Quiet Riot cover band at this point. Its a shame cause Jizzy Pearl was great in Love/Hate, an extremely underrated band. What is up with Carlos Cavazo? Why isn’t he playing with the band? At least have ONE original member…

    • Rattlehead on

      Michael, Carlos Cavazo isn’t an “original” member of QR. Rather, he is a “classic” member of the band. The great Randy Rhoads was the guitar player for the “original” lineup.

      QR died when the last “original” member, Kevin DuBrow, passed away over ten years ago. Today’s QR is simply a tribute band limping along with the crutch of the classic band name.

    • Medved on

      Unless you’re referring to the classic “Metal Health” lineup, Carlos is not an original member of Quiet Riot. Nor was Frankie Banali for that matter. The only original member of QR dating back to their first album, which was only released in Japan, was Kevin DuBrow.

    • Michael Minutaglio on

      I know Randy Rhodes was the original member, i was referring to when they ,made it big with Mental Health. Carlos was on their 2 biggest albums and to me (and i am guessing a lot of other fans) Carlos is the guitarist for Quiet Riot.

  • robert davenport on

    I dont know who would see this or pay good money to see it ,no original members or classic members whatever you want to call it , it’s not quiet riot ~

  • Charles Clinchot on

    I guess they are going the route of Foreigner which has no original members but run by Mick Jones in Quiet Riot case Frankie’s widow

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