On June 25th, Capitol/UMe celebrates two landmark progressive metal albums by Queensrÿche. The breakthrough collection Operation: Mindcrime and its successful follow-up, Empire, will be released in multiple formats. In addition to the original versions remastered for CD and 180-gram vinyl 2LP, both titles will be available in expanded 2CD editions and in multi-disc CD+DVD box sets that stand as the final word on these albums, which carried the ambitious conceptual approach of such artists as The Whow and Pink Floyd to a new decade and to a new hard rock audience.

Newly mastered at Abbey Road Studios, the deluxe versions of these remarkable albums bring together all the available recordings in 10″ x 10″ boxes that also contain DVDs of accompanying promotional videos and live performances of the albums. The live audio material revisits Queensrÿche’s worldwide headlining status during the Building Empires tour, an 18-month journey that saw the band headline arenas after previous high-profile supporting slots on the Def Leppard Hysteria and Metallica …And Justice For All tours. The Operation: Mindcrime deluxe features live audio concerts from London’s Hammersmith Odeon in 1990 and Wisconsin’s Target Center in 1991, plus a DVD that also includes the bonus track The Making of Operation: Mindcrime and an Operation: Mindcrime TV spot. The Empire deluxe version completes the Hammersmith Odeon 1990 concert with the live audio from the non-Mindcrime setlist. Geoff Tate, inducted into the 2020 Metal Hall Of Fame, sheds new light on Operation: Mindcrime and Empire in extended interviews with noted journalist Alex Milas for the liner notes.

The deluxe versions of Operation: Mindcrime (originally released May 1988) and “Empire” (originally released August 1990) are available for preorder now. Ahead of — and leading up to — the releases, the celebration of these comprehensive box sets and releases includes a weekly premiere of remastered high-definition video on Queensrÿche’s official YouTube channel. With its sinister backdrops, a dramatic unfolding of characters and Queensrÿche’s high-octane stage performance, the Operation: Mindcrime HD remastered video, available now, provides a glimpse into the album’s intricate concept. The HD remastered video rollout for Operation: Mindcrime continues with Eyes Of A Stranger and Grammy-nominated single for “Best Metal Performance” I Don’t Believe In Love, all of which bring the plot to life. HD remastered video premieres from Empire are the title track, EmpireBest I CanAnybody Listening?, the Grammy-nominated No. 1 rock hit Silent Lucidity (June 18th) and, on release day, June 25th, remastered HD videos will premiere for two more fan favorites Another Rainy Night (Without You) and Jet City Woman.

Queensrÿche’s third studio album, Operation: Mindcrime, took the quintet to an entirely new level. The concept, revealed through the songs, revolves around the character of Nikki, a recovering drug addict disillusioned with a corrupt society. Drawn into a cult-like revolutionary group headed by Dr. X (voiced by the late and beloved British actor Anthony Valentine), Nikki is manipulated to assassinate political leaders until his friendship with nun Sister Mary finally opens his eyes to the truth. Regarded as one of the greatest concept metal albums of all time, Operation: Mindcrime was certified platinum in 1991 in the U.S. and was ranked in the “Top 100 Metal Albums Of All Time” by both Kerrang! and Billboard magazines. Rolling Stone included it on a similar list, noting that “nearly 30 years after its initial release, Mindcrime feels eerily relevant.”

Reaching Number 7 on the Billboard album chart, the follow-up, Empire, built upon the success of Operation: Mindcrime. Produced, like its predecessor, by Peter Collins (Bon Jovi, Rush, Alice Cooper), the collection features brilliant and intelligent lyrics and songwriting complemented by incredible musicianship, with songs ranging from beautiful ballads to strong melodic rockers and classic heavy fist-pumpers. A rarity at the time, Empire spawned six singles that lit up Billboard’s rock tracks chart with the Top 10 hits Silent Lucidity (No. 1), Jet City Woman (No. 6), Another Rainy Night (Without You) (No. 7) and Top 30 hits Anybody Listening? (No. 16), Empire (No. 22) and Best I Can (No. 28). The power ballad Silent Lucidity was the band’s first crossover hit, topping the Billboard rock singles chart and reaching No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. Silent Lucidity also earned a Grammy nomination for “Best Rock Vocal Performance By A Duo Or Group” and received an MTV “Viewer’s Choice” award. RIAA-certified triple-platinum, Empire is the band’s most commercially successful album to date.

Progressive metal greats Queensrÿche emerged from Bellevue, Washington, in 1982 and have sold more than 30 million albums worldwide.

Operation: Mindcrime 4CD/1DVD Deluxe Version:


1.  I Remember Now 
2.  Anarchy-X 
3.  Revolution Calling 
4.  Operation: Mindcrime 
5.  Speak
6.  Spreading The Disease
7.  The Mission
8.  Suite Sister Mary
9.  The Needle Lies
10. Electric Requiem
11. Breaking The Silence
12. I Don’t Believe In Love
13. Waiting For 22
14. My Empty Room
15. Eyes Of A Stranger


1. I Don’t Believe In Love – Extended Version 
2. The Mission – Live At The Hammersmith Odeon, London, 1990 
3. My Empty Room – Live At The Astoria Theatre, London, 1994 
4. Interview With Queensrÿche 
5. Overseeing The Operation 
6. The Lady Wore Black – Live From Wisconsin, 1991 
7. Roads To Madness – Live From Wisconsin, 1991

CD3 Operation: Mindcrime Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, 1990:

1.  I Remember Now 
2. Anarchy-X 
3. Revolution Calling 
4. Operation: Mindcrime 
5. Speak 
6. Spreading The Disease 
7. The Mission 
8. Suite Sister Mary 
9. The Needle Lies 
10. Electric Requiem 
11. Breaking The Silence 
12. I Don’t Believe In Love 
13. Waiting For 22 
14. My Empty Room 
15. Eyes Of A Stranger

CD4 Operation: Mindcrime Live From Wisconsin, 1991:

1. I Remember Now 
2. Anarchy-X 
3. Revolution Calling 
4. Operation: Mindcrime 
5. Speak 
6. Spreading The Disease 
7. The Mission 
8. Suite Sister Mary 
9. The Needle Lies 
10. Electric Requiem 
11. Breaking The Silence 
12. I Don’t Believe In Love 
13. Waiting For 22 
14. My Empty Room 
15. Eyes Of A Stranger

DVD Operation: Mindcrime Live / Promo Videos:

1. I Remember Now [Concert Film] – Live On Location In Wisconsin, 1991 
2. Anarchy-X [Music Video] – Live On Location In Wisconsin, 1988 
3. Revolution Calling [Concert Film] – Live On Location In Wisconsin, 1991 
4. Operation: Mindcrime [Concert Film] – Live On Location In Wisconsin, 1991 
5. Speak [Concert Film] – Live On Location In Wisconsin, 1991 
6. Spreading The Disease [Concert Film] – Live On Location In Wisconsin, 1991 
7. The Mission [Music Video] – Live On Location In Wisconsin, 1988 
8. Suite Sister Mary [Concert Film] – Live On Location In Wisconsin, 1991 
9. The Needle Lies [Concert Film] – Live On Location in Wisconsin, 1991 
10. Electric Requiem [Music Video] – Live On Location In Wisconsin, 1988 
11. Breaking The Silence [Music Video] – Live On Location In Wisconsin, 1988 
12. I Don’t Believe In Love [Concert Film] – Live On Location In Wisconsin, 1991 
13. Waiting For 22 [Concert Film] – Live On Location In Wisconsin, 1991 
14. My Empty Room [Music Video] – Live On Location In Wisconsin, 1988 
15. Eyes Of A Stranger [Concert Film] – Live On Location In Wisconsin, 1991 
16. Operation Livecrime End Credits [Concert Film] 
17. I Remember Now [Concert Film] 
18. Anarchy-X [Concert Film] 
19. Revolution Calling [Music Video] 
20. Operation: Mindcrime [Music Video] 
21. Speak [Music Video] 
22. Breaking The Silence [Music Video] 
23. I Don’t Believe In Love [Music Video] 
24. Waiting For 22 [Concert Film] 
25. Eyes Of A Stranger [Concert Film] 
26. Operation: Mindcrime End Credits [Concert Film] 
27. I Don’t Believe In Love [Concert Film] 2019 Remaster 
28. The Making of Operation: Mindcrime [Behind the Scenes] – Bonus Track 
29. I Don’t Believe In Love 
30. Eyes Of A Stranger 
31. Revolution Calling 
32. Operation: Mindcrime [Trailers/Teasers] – Bonus Track 
33. Revolution Calling 
34. Eyes Of A Stranger 
35. I Don’t Believe In Love 
36. Menu / Queensrÿche / Operation: Mindcrime [Concert Film]

Empire 3CD/1DVD deluxe version:


1.  Best I Can 
2.  The Thin Line 
3.  Jet City Woman 
4.  Della Brown 
5.  Another Rainy Night (Without You) 
6.  Empire 
7.  Resistance 
8.  Silent Lucidity 
9.  Hand On Heart 
10. One And Only 
11. Anybody Listening?


1. Last Time In Paris – (Bonus Track) 
2. Scarborough Fair – (Bonus Track) 
3. Dirty Lil Secret – (Bonus Track) 
4. Silent Lucidity – Edit 
5. Empire – Edit 
6. I Dream In Infrared – Acoustic Version 
7. Prophecy – Live In Tokyo 
8. Best I Can – Radio Edit 
9. Anybody Listening? -Radio Edit

CD3 Empire Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 1990:

1. Resistance 
2. Walk in The Shadows 
3. Best I Can 
4. Empire 
5. The Thin Line 
6. Jet City Woman 
7. Roads To Madness 
8. Silent Lucidity 
9. Hand On Heart 
10. Take Hold Of The Flame


1. Building Empires Opening [Concert Film] 
2. Nightrider [Music Video] 
3. Prophecy [Concert Film] – Live In Tokyo, 1983 
4. Gonna Get Close To You [Concert Film] 
5. Eyes of A Stranger [Music Video] – Alternate Version 
6. Empire [Concert Film] 
7. Best I Can [Music Video] 
8. Silent Lucidity [Music Video] 
9. Jet City Woman [Music Video] 
10. Another Rainy Night (Without You) [Concert Film] 
11. Another Rainy Night (Without You) [Music Video] – Alternate Version 
12. Anybody Listening? [Concert Film] 
13. Resistance [Concert Film] – Live 
14. Walk In The Shadows [Music Video] – Live 
15. The Thin Line [Music Video] – Live 
16. Take Hold Of The Flame [Music Video] – Live 
17. The Lady Wore Black [Music Video] – Live 
18. Silent Lucidity [Music Video] – Live 
19. Building Empires End Credits [Concert Film] 
20. Menu / Queensrÿche / Building Empires [Concert Film]

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  1. Preordered both of them about a month ago from my favorite independent record shop. After Empire, I started to “tune out” from Queensryche, but I really enjoy their music up to then….

    Queensryche were actually the first “prog” band I got into cuz their music was harder edged than Rush, Yes, etc…

    1. I love Rush, love Yes, HATE QUEENSRYCHE! With a passion! Always have, always will! Sorry, bro 😉 IMO their music is boring, and depressing, (similar to Pearl Jam – barf) and Tate’s voice is an ear sore! Flattest, most irritating voice I think I’ve ever heard in my life!

    2. Like you Rattlehead, I was into Queensryche but now not so much although I do still listen from time to time.
      Still Mindcrime was just an intriguing narrative set to music.

      Queensryche were for sure a hard rock act with “prog” influence, just as most of Rush’s 80s & 90s output.

    3. RobT, I too, think Mindcrime was a great concept album. My fave Queensryche album is Rage For Order…I just hated their short lived “glam” image for that album.

  2. I feel like Queensryche haven’t milked Operation: Mindcrime enough. I think they should re-release the album every year from now ’til forever.

    In fact, they should make a movie called “Groundhog Day” starring Bill Murray, about a guy who goes into a record store every year, sees Operation: Mindcrime in a bin, and buys it excitedly like he’s never purchased it before.

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