KK’S Priest, the new band featuring former Judas Priest members K.K. Downing(guitar) and Tim “Ripper” Owens (vocals), along with guitarist A.J. Mills (Hostile), bassist Tony Newton (Voodoo Six) and drummer Sean Elg (DeathridersCage), will release their debut album, Sermons Of The Sinner, on August 20th through Explorer1 Music Group/EX1 Records. Original drummer Les Binks (ex-Judas Priest), unfortunately, sustained a wrist injury, but will make special guest live appearances when the band tours.

The official music video for the second single, the LP’s title track, is available today and can be seen below.

Of Sermons Of The Sinner, Downing says: “The song and title track, Sermons Of The Sinner, epitomizes the whole album in one just song. It is all-encompassing with its tribute to the history of our beloved genre of music, while updating the details for today’s audience. In the song and video, we not only extend our humble gratitude to loyal fans of classic rock and metal but also present a subtle warning about the future of the genre.

We are very hopeful that the song and album, Sermons Of The Sinner, will inspire young and older musicians alike to pick up their instruments and keep alive the rock music that so many of us have become a part of, and that has become such a part of us.”

To read more details about the album, view a track list, and hear the album’s first single, Hellfire Thunderbolt, please click here.

Dana’s note: If you have trouble viewing, refresh your browser.

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    1. Exactly! Ugh! And Painkiller is my least favorite Priest album. I liked the first single – “Hellfire Thunderbolt” (or whatever it was) but I’m sorry, in my opinion this song sucks!

    2. It’s one of my least favorite songs. I love the Metal God’s voice, but his vocal on that track is, well, painful (pun intended).

      George, one of the hosts of the Lost In Vegas, whom I love and whose Patreon channel I subscribe to, described Halford’s vocals as sounding like the [Wizard of Oz’s] Wicked Witch. But here’s the rub, this is my favorite band, and unlike myself, both he, and the other host, Ryan LOVED the song-LOL!

    3. I love the song Painkiller! Not only is the music heavy as s***, but it really showcases Halford’s vocal range…one of the reasons he’s my favorite metal vocalist.

    4. Rattle,

      It’s definitely an acquired taste 🙂 . For “thrashy” Priest I am far more partial to Exciter and Freewheel Burning.

    5. I love Rob’s voice as well, except on Painkiller, and I agree, it is painful to listen to! Oh well, I guess every band is entitled to at least 1 clunker! 😉

    6. Dana, those are both great “up tempo” Priest songs, particularly “Exciter” with Les Binks on drums…..

    7. I believe that Exciter is one of the earliest trash songs ever written, but since you are the thrash expert, what say you? 🙂

    8. Dana, I think ‘Exciter’ is a great, “uptempo” song. I wouldn’t classify it as thrash.

      Priest’s album “Unleashed….” is so heavy metal. It was released in 1979 and it’s the heaviest album I’m aware of from that time. IMO, nothing from Sabbath, Motorhead, Scorpions, etc…even comes close.. and that’s one of the reasons I believe Priest is the first true heavy metal band, not Black Sabbath as is generally believed.

    9. Sorry if I am a little late posting here, but yes Dana, Exciter is probably my favorite Priest cut. Freewheel Burning is another good & heavy one, but I also do like Painkiller too, mainly for the Scott Travis drum track,especially that ruff/triplet part that ends the song.

      Sermons of the Sinner sounds all right if somewhat derivative, but that can be expected as it sounds like KK Downing is trying to appeal to the old school metal fan who made him a name to begin with. Can,’t get past Ripper Owen’s vocals, too shrilly.

    10. Hi Dana, how you doing?

      Painkiller was the song that switched me on to JP. It was in the summer of 2000 (around July I believe) at nearly 1am after a night out on the beer watching the 100 most requested videos on VH1’S Friday Night Rock Show here in England. Painkiller was number 26 on the list.

      I remember the drums coming crashing through the speakers; thinking “What is this?!” Then the guitars kicked in and then Sir Robert of Halford screamed his way in – I was hooked and I have to be honest I sobered up quite quickly!!

      For the next six minutes and six seconds I sat in my seat with my jaw dropped to the floor! Two things happened from seeing that video and hearing the song:

      1 – I became a Priest fan and was soon buying the entire back catalogue in a short space of time; as well as Halford’s Resurrection album.

      2 – After thinking about buying and learning the guitar after having seen Tony Iommi and Black Sabbath live at Ozzfest at Milton Keynes Bowl on Saturday 20th June 1998, having seen and heard Painkiller, one week later I was buying my first guitar. And yes, I wanted to learn Painkiller! Managed to learn the rhythm section; lead work? NO CHANCE!!!

      Speak about Rob’s vocals on the track, have you ever heard this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhH7wFpcqvI

      It’s Rob isolated from the rest of the track; the amount of effort and gusto he puts into it…when heard alone, it makes you realise how much he was giving it.

      Stay safe now!!

    11. Hi, my friend,

      I always enjoy reading your posts, and this one was no exception.

      While I thank you for that isolated vocal track, it did nothing to ease my ear drums, nor tickle my id-LOL!!

      HOWEVER, Painkiller is song, that not only inspired you to buy the band’s entire back catalog, but want to play guitar? Then, I now have a brand new respect for the song and its meaning to others.

      I will never deny how great, and heavy the music is, but the vocals have always been the biggest issue for me. Which is quite ironic, since the Metal God, can really do no wrong in my book.

      D 🙂

    12. Thank you Dana, my pleasure.

      I should point out that I am liking what I’m hearing from KK as well. As for buying my first guitar, my hero first and foremost is Tony Iommi; I wanted to make a sound like he did – but Painkiller pushed me to actually go and buy one.

    13. That is awesome.

      To sound like Mr. Iommi, I believe the magic brew is to really lower the action on the strings…and lose a few fingertips while wearing rubber ones in their place 🙂

  1. Not impressed with this song at all –
    Actually a bit disappointed, the imagery was predictable and stereotypical – I expect much more from kk-

  2. Can’t get past the auto-tune on his voice…Tim bought his daughter a Toyota Corolla by the way, whatever you do, don’t say anything bad about a Toyota around Tim.

  3. Thankfully Dana I haven’t lost any fingertips to try and sound like Mr Iommi!

    I do tune the guitar down (Lowest tuning C-sharp and highest D-sharp) and don’t use heavy gauge strings. I use Ernie Ball gauge 10 – 46 no matter what the tuning is. I also get the man who looks after my guitars on the servicing side of things to adjust the truss rod in the neck for C-sharp tuning so that I can tune up and down freely without getting fret-buzz or dead notes.

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