kotzensheehanport Drummer Mike Portnoy (Adrenaline Mob, Flying Colors, ex-Dream Theater), bassist Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, David Lee Roth, Talas) and guitarist Richie Kotzen (ex-Poison, ex-Mr. Big) have chosen the name The Winery Dogs for their new band. View their official facebook page here.

An official debut album release for Japan via Victor Entertainment has been confirmed for May, with other territories due to be announced soon.


Watch a video of Mike Portnoy interviewing Richie Kotzen below.

additional source: bravewords.com

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    1. You have to wait until either Portnoy says he’s tired and needs to take a year off, or until he finds a different guitar player and decides he’d rather play with that guy instead of Kotzen. Hopefully for the sake of Sheehan and Kotzen, Mike doesn’t bump into Michael Schenker or Jon Bonamossa or John Sykes (again) or Jake E Lee or Richie Blackmore or KK Downing or Jimmy Page or Randy Rhoads or Jimmy Hendrix or Eric Clapton or Steve Vai or ………….

  1. The band says this is a project not a full time band so anyone who say’s Mike, Billy or Richie can’t do other side project is crazy. Richie am sure has a new solo cd already done and ready to go and Billy is most likely doing m.r big gigs and Mikes doing the mob. That’s the music biz now a days.

  2. I agree that all-star bands generally are not built last, but this does have some potential to put out some very cool music. I have to admit though, I can’t wait to hear John Sykes new stuff, because he’s proven as a songwriter as well as a great guitar player and reluctant but very capable singer. (He’s easily good enough of a singer to front Whitesnake today)

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