philanselmo Vocalist Phil Anselmo recently stated that police revealed that all the members of Pantera were potential targets of the crazed shooter who took guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott’s life while he was performing onstage in November of 2004.

Anselmo said, “I’ve spoken to the police officers who were there and handled the situation when Dimebag was murdered. And they told me clearly, that after an investigation and going back to the murderer’s apartment and digging through his notes that he had taken and threats and death threats that he had written down that any one of us were targets. I had a police officer tell me that on that particular night, had Superjoint [Ritual] been playing, or Down, or any of my other bands at the time, that I most certainly would have been the target. Not that it made me feel any better – it did not, it did not make me feel better at all.

It did clarify in my mind that all of the negative vibe that I had received either from, I guess, media but also, in today’s world, where people can leave comments and this and that, I found it very, very insulting and also interesting that people could chime in on a subject that they knew nothing about, really. All they knew is what the media fed them. And you know the media – they’re dying to, I guess, in the past sell tangible magazines or get hits on their web site. So anything to stir the pot was… they most certainly did that.”

Listen to a clip of Anselmo discussing the topic on Ipek’s Wytching Hour below.

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  1. A real eye opener to know Dimebag was not the only one to be a target. That guy had serious issues and it still sucks today that he’s gone. I’m glad Phil doesn’t let the pain of Dimebag’s death consume him.

  2. If you read the book from Chris A vulgar display of power carnage at the alrosa villa, You will see Photocopied pictures of gales notebooks where he CLAIMS this. Phil’s not blowing smoke up your ass. Also saying hes trying to get his name in the press? people ask him for interviews, they ask him these questions. You cant be so naive and ignorant to just slang insults without even thinking.

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