Ozzy Osbourne says that the song Black Sabbath is “the scariest song ever written.”

The singer adds without that song, he wouldn’t have been given his famous nickname.

He tells NME, “When we started gigging way back when, as soon as we started playing this song’s opening chords, young girls in the audience would f–king freak out. They thought we were Satan’s f–king friends or something.

That’s when the whole Prince Of Darkness s–t started. When people get excited about Halloween coming around each year, all I think is, ‘Well, we used to have Halloween every f–king night.’”

Black Sabbath are gearing up for the next leg of their The End tour, which gets underway in November.

Ozzy previously said that when Sabbath’s career comes to a close, he has no plans to retire and will record his first solo album since 2010’s Scream.

additional source: Classic Rock via teasrock.com

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  • Dana on

    I am not sure if it is truly the scariest song ever written, since I don’t know every song ever written, but it is definitely one of the scariest songs, ever recorded.

    I purposely choose not to listen to it, and when others have played it in my presence, it sends a chill up my spine. There is something innately evil, creepy and unsettling about that track. It must be the sinister combination of Ozzy’s painful pleading vocals and Iommi playing devil’s chord progression. To each their own, but that song is not my cup of tea

    D 🙂

  • RTunes68 on

    Actually, the scariest song ever written is “We Built This City” by Starship. It is also the sh**tiest song ever written.

    • Dana on

      LOL! You win! That song is God awful.

      D 🙂

    • Doug R. on

      I love that song – “We Built This City,” always have, always will. And I also love “Black Sabbath,” – the song, and the band! Never found that song or the band to be scary, same goes for Starship, I guess I’m fearless. My love for music is all over the map, except for country, and rap!

  • Frank T on

    You mean you don’t worship the devil Dana? lol

    • Dana on

      Unless I find out Lucifer is actually John Sykes, I think I am in the clear. 😉

      D 🙂

  • Dana on


    The ending of that song is also creepy. LOL!

    D 🙂

  • elliot goldberg on

    “mandy” by barry manilow sends chivas up my timbers. I don’t know what that means.

    • Dana on


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