bobbyblitz400 Former Hades guitarist Dan Lorenzo spoke with Overkill vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth yesterday for Painful Pleasures. Below is a portion of their conversation.

Dan Lorenzo: How old were you when you got your first tattoo?

Bobby Blitz: I was 40…it was the first step to a divorce, the closing chapter.

Dan Lorenzo: Did anybody in your family object to it?

Bobby Blitz: No, not that I remember.

Dan Lorenzo: I know you’re an intelligent person. Did you ever ask the artist what type of ink they’re about to use on you?

Bobby Blitz: I did not…it was a trust situation for me, a close friend. I really knew nothing of the art prior to my first experience.

Dan Lorenzo: Do you have a “go-to” artist you prefer?

Bobby Blitz: Johnny Eagle in West Milford, NJ. I rode in a MC club with him for over seven years, it was a no brainer.
“Bobby, c’mon down, we’ll fix you up.”

Dan Lorenzo: Do you see yourself getting any more ink in the near future?

Bobby Blitz: No, I’m done. My idea was one tattoo in separate places. To add to it would ruin the original idea.

Dan Lorenzo: As a front man, why do you think you connect so well with your audience?

Bobby Blitz: Well first of all I’m a student of the game, I didn’t invent this stuff. It’s Iggy, Freddie, James, Ian, Dee, Ronnie, Lemmy….the list goes on and on. I remember a guy in a young band asking me about it, I told him the same and “steal the good stuff man.”

Dan Lorenzo: Would it be fair to call you a pseudo-jock?

Bobby Blitz: More of an arm chair hockey goalie, baseball manager and quarterback. Though I do get my fair share of injuries. Just last week someone stepped on my hand. Karma, right? (laughs)

Dan Lorenzo: Absolutely. Do you think if the Giants had JPP this year it would have made a big difference?

Bobby Blitz: Well, as we lead the NFC east by one game I would say no, as JPP seems to pick up his game as the season progresses.

Dan Lorenzo: Do you think the Giants can do any damage in the playoffs if Cruz is healthy?

Bobby Blitz: Let’s make the playoffs first, but Victor is the real deal….paired with Odell a lethal combination.

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  • James K. on

    Overkill have announced that they hope to have a new album out in 2016. Anthrax and Megadeth will have new albums out in 2016, Slayer will most likely be on the road all year promoting their new album, Metallica hopefully will finally get a new album out… It looks like 2016 could be the year of the thrash bands. How sweet would it be if all the bands I mentioned, along with Exodus, Testament and Death Angel played festival shows together?

    Back to Overkill: It sucks how that bands flies under the radar when it comes to the classic thrash bands, mainly The Big 4, and doesn’t get the respect they deserve. Overkill are as good as any of those bands and they’ve been on a roll big time with their last few albums. As big of a fan as I still am of the classic Overkill lineup and was bummed big time when Bobby Gustafson left, I think the lineup Bltiz and D.D. have now, with Dave Linsk, Derek Tailer and Ron Lipnicki, is the best Overkill lineup ever.

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