Yesterday (March 29th), original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley was guest on Eddie’s Sirius/XM show, Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, where he discussed comments that Paul Stanley made on The Howard Stern Show, calling the original line-up, PISS.

Frehley stated, as per blabbermouth.net, “You know what it is? It’s Paul’s frustration and insecurity that he has to use backing tapes. And we’re only six months apart, and I can still get up there and belt it out and hit the keys, and he can’t. And it’s very unfortunate. And I’m very sad [about] the fact that he’s using backing tracks. It’s cheapening the brand, which affects my bottom line, because I still get paid from KISS on merchandising and whatever else they do. And I’m pissed off about it.”

He added, “Those guys have been badmouthing me since I quit the very first time in 1981, 1982, calling me a drug addict, calling me an alcoholic, saying I’m unemployable, I’m undependable. And then, when we did the Unplugged thing for MTV, all of a sudden I’m offered millions of dollars to come back to the band. Oh, what happened? Now I’m not a drug addict and I’m dependable and you’re willing to take a shot at hiring me again? In fact, they offered me more money than they offered [original KISS drummer] Peter [Criss].”

“The reunion tour was one of the most successful tours KISS ever did,” Frehley continued. “It grossed over 250 million dollars the first year. It was the largest-grossing tour of that year, by any band in the United States and Europe. And I got paid, and I said, ‘Okay, I’ll see you guys. I’m going back to my solo [career].’ And then all of a sudden they said, ‘No. We’re thinking about doing a farewell tour.’ I said, ‘Okay. What kind of money are we talking about?’ And it was acceptable. And I said, ‘Why not make a few more million dollars?'”

Returning to Stanley’s comments about him, the guitarist said, “Let me tell you something, my brother and the fans. Nobody knows this, but when I was living in San Diego with my [then-]girlfriend, I got a phone call from Paul, Doc[McGhee, KISS manager] and Gene. We did a conference call, and they were asking me to play with them on stage. They wanted me to play. They wanted to do it. And I said, ‘I’m not getting up on stage with Tommy [Thayer, current KISS guitarist] if he’s wearing my makeup. You expect me to wear makeup. There will be two Spacemen. Are you crazy? I’ll do it if it’s just us four — the original founding members who created something very special.

For the last 15 years they’ve had other people playing what Peter did, and Tommy’s copying every solo I ever wrote, and trying to copy my moves, and trying to be cool on stage, but unsuccessfully [laughs] — unfortunately. But with all the bombs and the smoke and mirrors, they’re getting away with it. Personally, I don’t give a s–t as long as I’m getting paid by them.”

“But as far as what he said on Howard Stern, I’m going to make a statement to Paul Stanley right now,” he said. “And Paul, if you’re not listening, I’m sure one of your associates in the KISS group are. And I’m telling you that I want my formal apology for what you said and a retraction and an apology within seven days. And if I don’t get that within seven days, I’m coming back on Ed Trunk‘s show and I’m gonna tell some dirt that nobody knows about Paul and Gene that I’ve always kept to myself because I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t talk about this. I like to talk about the positive stuff.”

“You’ve read my book. You’ve read Paul’s book. You’ve read Peter’s book. A lot of times those guys are just throwing people under the bus,” Frehley noted. “I mean, in Paul’s book, he even threw Gene under the bus. What I tried to do was have a fun, entertaining book with interesting stories, and this is the way I am. I’m not the kind of guy who kisses and tells. When it comes to negativity, and we’ve all done things that we regret over the years — it’s there. I have a 120-page manuscript that I wrote after I finished my book. My attorney has it in a safety deposit box. God forbid anything happens to me. My attorney is instructed to release it to The New York TimesRolling StoneAPI [sic], everybody. So they can’t intimidate me with trying to hurt me or say, ‘You’d better not say anything about me live on the radio.’ Because then they’re totally screwed. Their careers will be ruined.”

Despite everything that has been said between him and his former bandmates, Frehley acknowledged that would still be willing to share the stage with Stanley and Simmons when KISS plays their final shows in New York City this December. “I was actually hoping that maybe they’d invite me to come back for a third time, not because I really wanted to play with them because we created something really special and I’m the best fit in that band,” he said. “Always ways, always will be. You think Tommy Thayer can do what I can do? Impossibility.”

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  1. So tomorrow marks one week since the ground breaking interview with the almighty Eddie Trunk and Ace. I haven’t a heard a peep from anyone in the Kiss Kamp. Was Ace bluffing? Is Paul going to apologize at the 11th hour? I’m curious to know if Eddie felt Ace was under the influence. I listened to that interview in its entirety. Now granted I don’t often listen to Ace speak but he did sound off a little. Is it old age? Bad hearing? Or intoxication? I sure hope he’s still sober. The man is putting out great records regularly and I want more! Super pumped when he said this next record will be better than the 78’ album!

  2. I was on syncin Stanley’s you tube , he had en excerpt of Eddie’s show saying ace will be on tomorrow , he did say there was some communication between mgt. probably Doc as well as Paul, I belive Ace will come on and say he and Paul talked he apologized and they sorted everything out- Doc was most likely a mediator that’s something he has alot of experience in….

  3. This is a hard listen with Ace today. He won’t let Eddie get a word in for anything. I’m calling Ace’s bluff. There is no manifesto and he has no balls. Very disappointed. High road my ass. I know this is Eddie’s buddy and all but I lost a lot of respect for Ace today. If Ace truly does have this manifesto and he plans on releasing it upon his death, then that is cowardly.

    I think Ace is drinking again. If he isn’t then something is wrong with him. He is constantly repeating the same things over and over and over. Paul didn’t call him and say F-you either. Thanks for nothing Ace.

    1. I have to agree with everything you said RPS . I could be wrong but I think Doc called Ace to tell him he better be careful what you say publicly or we’ll sue your ass . The most bizarre part was when Eddie said I guess you won’t be at the last show now and Ace says no there’s still a possibility , lmao. This guy is delusional at this point. If there was a sliver of light of hope that would happen it is long gone at this point .Unfortunatley for Ace is they are going to sell out those last shows with or without him so they don’t need him. On the other hand I really respect how Peter has been throughout all this, he is the most adult of all of them . He doesn’t have the need to defend himself ,he knows and we know Kiss wouldn’t have existed without him . He is a true class act .

  4. Well, the interview was underwhelming for sure.I thought stanley would do the right thing.. But I didn’t lose respect for ace, for me it was the exact opposite- Ace sounded like a guy who was genuinely hurt and thought Stanley might realize he went too far… stanley is a selfish, petty, and demeaning a-hole and so is simmons , they both have ruined kiss for me ..ruined it- stanley absolutely owes Ace and Pete an apology for that piss insult it was completely unnecessary and he had zero reason to say it zero.. I never thought all these years later kiss would turn into this fiasco..putting Ace and Pete’s make up on 2 other musicians, and the never-ending s–tting on Ace and pete..for years …then they think it’s in the best interest of the band to lipsync their way through their last ever tour …then go on stern, a hugely popular show, and insult Ace and pete yet again… calling them piss -THEN proceed to lipsync all the vocals on their performance segment ..irony anyone ??. Well paul may not have the character to apologize but ..Ace if you read comments on this site , I’m very sorry your so called friend and brother disparaged and insulted you publicly again, stanley should be ashamed ~Ace leave these scumbags behind –

  5. Ace = wimp. He talked all this garbage about how we was going to expose them, does nothing to expose them, then in a recent interview resorts back to 1970’s KI$$ era issues that have been lame for decades now.

    Paula and $immon$ legal team must really intimidated him because he is quiet for now.

    Sad these senior citizens can’t get past all this bitterness. Beginning to believe all this nonsense may be a way to keep their name out there and there is no real issue amongst any of them…

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