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  • Brian on

    Poison, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Anthrax, Guns N Roses, Pantera, Rob Zombie….all will say they were influenced by KISS. Not that they sound exactly like them, but were influenced by them. The whole “hair band ” era came from KISS and Aerosmith. They should absolutely be in the HOF.

    • John G on

      All you guys are doing is making my point. Bands SAY they were influenced by KISS – but when you actually listen to them, you don’t hear it. Talk means nothing. The proof is in the sound, and KISS’s sound was not influential.

      Joe Satriani always mentions Hendrix as a big influence. I love Jimi, but when I hear Joe I hear Eddie Van Halen way more so than Hendrix. All I’m saying is the actions speak louder than words. I’d like to see Eddie Trunk’s take on this one.

      The only part of the “hair band era” that came from KISS was the hair! Maybe add in some leather and studs. And maybe the power ballad – but again, Aerosmith was there first. KISS had great record sales. When I was 12 years old in 1976 I bought nearly every one of their albums. So did half of the kids in my junior high school. Boys II Men sold a lot of records too – nobody wants to put them in the HOF.

    • Rick on

      You have a very strange idea of what “influence” means. Influence means to inspire, not simply copy. Eddie Van Halen always says his biggest influence was Eric Clapton, and Eddie sounds nothing at all like Clapton. Do you really think Eddie’s lying? Kiss’s influence is undeniable, and your thinking that their catalog doesn’t hold up is just a matter of taste. I happen to think that the first Alive and Destroyer are two of the greatest, most timeless albums in rock history. If you don’t agree, that’s just your opinion (and your loss). I feel sorry for you that you feel you’ve “outgrown” such great music. And for the record, I’m not just some mindless fanboy incapable of objectivity – I happen to think the current karaoke version of the band with the Ace and Peter impersonators is a joke, but I’ll always love the majority of their work from the past.

    • Brian on

      Unfortunately, Boys II Men will get in before KISS !!!

  • Roger C on

    KISS is and will always be the number ONE band in the world!!!

  • Bob on

    BIG UFO fan here !!
    I first saw them in 1979 in Buffalio. AC/DC opened and AC/DC played a LONG time. After a long time in between bands they announced that UFO was not allowed ih the USA that night. So a couple weeks later UFO retuned to to Buffalo to play. A local band TALAS (Billy Sheehan) opened.
    The next time I saw UFO was in 2011 in Vegas. Eddie Trunk was the MC and UFO was rocking.

    As far as Kiss goes…they belong in the Hall of Fame. I visited the Hall of Fame and asked a worker there.. where are the Kiss items ?? Woman said we don’t have any because KISS wanted money for their items !! Typical Gene Simmons !!!

  • Darron hicks on

    We get it Aerosmith is the greatest band after zeppelin . Rock n roll isn’t about musicianship – it’s about a feeling . Listen to Pearl Jam And you will hear ace frehley all over the solos! We are not building an atom bomb, we are simply discussing a bands place in American rock history. They sold over 120 million records – the music must have been decent. You make fun of I love it loud but live its great! Kiss is and always will be about the live show . I guess it comes down to ice cream … They are different flavors for everyone. I wanted to learn how to play a guitar because of ace frehley and I did just that.

  • Brad on

    The Hall Of Fame is dictated by internal politics, a lot from the head of Rolling Stone Magazine. He hates Kiss. Linda Ronstadt was/is the finest female rock singer the past 50+ years but, again, that guy has issues with her. Moody Blues not in but LL Cool J is….the laughter is massive. UFO was spotty depending on the alcohol intake by Way & Schenker. I saw Pete so wasted he couldn’t stand once. Opening for Ozzy at Madison Square Garden in ’82 was amazing….they sound better in the big arenas.

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