Ready for some more new Night Ranger music?!?! Please enjoy the just released single & video Bring It All Home To Me from the upcoming album ATBPO (which stands for And The Band Played On).

Pre-order/save ATBPO here. CD/LP/Digital available, including four different limited edition color vinyl versions.

Blue Vinyl – Newbury Comics Exclusive, Limited to 300.

Crystal Vinyl – Frontiers U.S. & EU Webstore Exclusive, Limited to 400.

Red Vinyl – Available Everywhere.

Yellow Vinyl – Night Ranger Webstore Exclusive, Limited to 400.

4 Responses

  1. I like it. Good ole’ feel good rock ‘n’ roll. Brad Giles is an AMAZING guitarist. Their last album was REALLY good, some good rockers on their. It’s a shame there is NOWHERE to listen to this type of music anywhere, including SiriusXM. Any classics band from the 80’s releases new music and no one can hear it.

  2. I have to say good song , sounds like night ranger ,its still a little dated but a really good melodic rock tune- Brad Gillis great player , jack blades sounds great as well his voice is strong and full – very dumb video though , if your gonna dump them in a dead car parts lot , you might as well just film them on an actual stage with amps etc.. I would see them for sure if their going out this summer and they come to my neck of the woods –

  3. My home town band hasn`t lost a beat, probably the band I`ve seen the most in my life . True Bay Area legends in my eyes I think Brad has always been overlooked as one of the best guitarists out there . I got to admidt I was waiting for his solo and he delivered with a little bonus at the end . Good to see Kelly hammering away behind the kit looking healthy . Jack is probably one of the best vocalists that plays bass at the same time. Thx for posting , hopefully i see them again soon. I do miss Jeff Watson though . At the time there wasn`t any dual guitarists that were better.

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