As a result of many posters inquiring about The Trunk Report, I reached out to Eddie, and here is his response:

“The site mirrors my social media and that is why the home page displays my Twitter and IG accounts. So, even if you don’t follow them, it’s posted on the site.  I also have a Facebook page, all @EddieTrunk.

Therefore, because of all of my social media platforms, writing in The Trunk Report, becomes redundant. Furthermore, since my time is so limited these days, it is far more efficient, to use social media, which are all available for free, and posted on the site, as well.

On top of eight shows a week, posting on social media, I am now adding a free YouTube show, with Don [Jamieson] and Jim [Florentine] called, That Rocks. It was announced, via all our socials, on Monday (April 17th) and will be launching soon. 

So, there are a ton of ways to hear me, read me, etc. Many of them for free, even if you don’t have SiriusXM

I would also direct everyone to my free podcast, which happens every week, and anyone can listen to, worldwide, on all major podcast platforms .  

Thanks to everyone, and I appreciate you connecting with me, however you do it.

All my best,


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  1. Just an added note about social media, I found online on Apple News feed, that I feel is a true statement

    “Social media is designed with you as a product more than a customer. You matter as a person far too much for your personal life to be on display. You do not need to entertain an array of acquaintances or especially strangers with your day-to-day existence. Set firm boundaries now to protect yourself emotionally. Keep your personal life personal and among friends and family that have actually earned your trust.”

    “You do not really need social media to keep in touch with your most important people. The best thing you may ever do for your mental health may be deleting those accounts.”

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