heavymetal-dehornhand-sign640 Metal fans reportedly grow up to be happier and better adjusted adults than many fans of other genres, a study has suggested.

The research published by Taylor & Francis Online sought to test the validity of studies carried out in the 1980s which claimed fans of bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath were at risk of “poor developmental outcomes.”

And, Pacific Standard reports, the new research finds that most of the metal fans who took part in the study “were significantly happier in their youth, and better adjusted currently” compared to peers who were into other music.

The team was led by Humboldt State University psychologist Tasha Howe, who says, “Metal enthusiasts did often experience traumatic and risky ‘sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll’ lives. However, the metalhead identity also served as a protective factor against negative outcomes. Despite the challenges of adverse childhood events, and other stressful and risky events in their youth, they reported higher levels of youthful happiness. They were also less likely to have any regrets about things they had done in their youth.”

The study also reports that those who focused on types of music outside of heavy metal “sought psychological counselling for emotional problems more than any other group, indicating a less happy and fulfilling perspective on their 1980s adolescence.”

The research would appear to make a mockery of high-profile 1980s campaigns against the metal lifestyle, run by organizations such as Tipper Gore’s Parents Music Resource Centre. Metal in the 80s was often frivolously linked to devil worship, drug abuse and suicide.

Spotify recently named metal fans as the most loyal of all listeners.


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    1. Oh thank God Bill,

      So, my first reaction was indeed, correct. Next time try using a “ha, ha” or an eye roll for those questioning tone-LOL!

      Dana šŸ™‚

    2. Sorry Bill for ignorant jacka** I diddo what Dana said I get the nasty looks from my kids teacher when I even mention I listen to metal. Next time include the lol

  1. Hmmm, I’m 42, been into hard rock and metal since I was 10. Graduated college, been working for the same company for 18 years with a bunch of promotions, married a nice girl, have two great kids, live in a nice house in a nice town, never been arrested, never did drugs, never deviated to rap, pop, or country. Metal did drive me to do something – pick up a guitar and learn to play it, especially when I was angry (or are metal fans the only people who get angry about anything?). I’ve even written some of my own music, and I do enjoy a few beers with family and friends once in a while. So yeah, God forbid anyone else ends up like me, I’m nothing but trouble.

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