carmineappiceandjoelynnturnerband400 Frontiers Music Srl, the Italian-based label known for embracing new music from legendary Rock artists, returns with another impactful project: Rated X. Set for release in the Europe on November 7th and in North America on November 11th, the album features all new songs built upon a classic Hard Rock foundation, with a distinctly contemporary edge.

Rated X was formed at the suggestion of Frontiers President Serafino Perugino, who mentioned to singer Joe Lynn Turner that a band of highest caliber musicians should be assembled to create an album of classic Hard Rock music. Turner, the former lead vocalist for both Rainbow and Deep Purple and a solo artist in his own right, agreed, and the search for the right players was on. Carmine Appice, who already had a relationship with Frontiers, was on board immediately. A true percussion icon, Appice’s resume is one that Rock legends are made of: Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Ozzy Osbourne, Rod Stewart, Blue Murder, King Kobra and others.

Appice’s former Blue Murder bandmate and bassist, Tony Franklin (best known for his work with The Firm, Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers, David Gilmour, Kate Bush, and Whitesnake), signed up next. After a lengthy search for the right guitarist, they settled on long-time Turner collaborator Karl Cochran, who has also worked with Ace Frehley, and worked in the past with Joe Lynn Turner on his solo albums.

“I believe we wanted to keep it a bit retro with a modern edge,” says Turner. “The songs are classic rock, but then that’s an understatement. They are what they are; and they transformed as we went along recording. So, all in all, we are very happy to finish the record and finally able to get it out to the public. Everyone in this band is a true individual and stylist. When you put it all together, you have Rated X.”

The debut album, simply titled, Rated X, is remarkable in that it sounds like a band that has worked together as a unit for years. The songs are powerful and the performances are tight and innovative. Frontiers in-house producer, Alessandro del Vecchio, not only handled studio production but added keyboards on several tracks. Pat Regan (Mr Big, Deep Purple, Gotthard, Kiss, Doro) mixed the album.

Says Carmine Appice, “With his help in coming up with the song ideas and working together with the band I believe we came up with the sound from the late 70s -80s. To me, it sounds like Blue Murder with Joe Lynn Turner singing. Having Tony and myself as the rhythm section and with the heavy guitars, it gives the record a Blue Murder-vibe. Then, adding Alessandro on keys gave us a bit of the Deep Purple thing. It all works together and I loved playing each song.”

Watch the EPK below:

Rated X track listing:

Get Back My Crown
This Is Who I Am
Fire And Ice
I Don’t Cry No More
Devil In Disguise
You Are The Music
Peace Of Mind
Maybe Tonight
On The Way To Paradise
Our Love Is Not Over
Stranger In Us All

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  • Richman on

    Less conspicuous items JLT could have covered his head with: an NFL team colored Afro, a Daniel Boone hat, Danny Devito, a conehead head, a METS hat, a leopard print pillowcase, a stocking, bullets like RAMBO, David Coverdales nose, a cauldron, 2 turntables and a microphone, a piano tie, sushii, a 33record, maple syrup, SPACEMAN make up, a Ray Rice mask and a FERGUSON PD uniform cap……LOOK OUT!

  • Rik Page on

    Wow!! More responses than a kiss (ed-off) article….I am DEFINITELY looking forward to this release….The problem with blue murder is, unfortunately, Sykes…..dude seems flakier and less willing to work than Jake E. Lee….and BARELY more than Ritchie Blackmore!!! Seems like everything he’s recorded is awesome, maybe because it’s what, 6 albums ??? He doesn’t want to do anything, I’ll buy this!!!

    • Dana on

      Although you make a valid point, please do not diss the mighty Sykes in my presence. 😉

      Thank you,
      Dana from 😀

  • George on

    Since neither of your posts have reply, I will reply here to Doug R. And Joe in the Cuse…short and sweet, Doug R. I have no issues with you so not sure what you’re replying to and DR had the same comment I had in terms of Genes comment…as far as Joe, I won’t stoop to the name calling like you and your Justin Bieber comments show how you really have nothing to say that matters…I’ve called you out on several,posts because your continued attack on Gene and Paul is just so tiresome at this point and on any Kiss related article it’s bad enough but to post it on this thread is laughable…if you’ve read my posts like you say, you should know that I love Kiss and have issues with ANYONE who keeps taking shots at any current or ex Kiss members…and no matter the article YOU Joe are constantly making everything about current Kiss vs Ace or Peter. BTW, I do have a ton of issues with Gene and Paul, as well as Ace and Peter, but I don’t let that get in the way of the music as Aces new album is great…So grow up Joe, and in closing, it’s funny someone who calls themselves “JOE IN THE CUSE” calling someone else a meathead…

    • Doug R. on

      George, it looked like your comments were directed at me, that’s what I was replying to. If they weren’t, I apologize, peace. But I stand by my comments about Gene, I just feel like he could, and should do something to help save the “ROCK” industry. He’s very powerful, influential, and he reminds me of E.F. Hutton, when Gene talks, like him or not, people listen! Like you, I’ll always have some issues (good & bad) with the original 4, but the Kiss Army is just like any other dysfunctional family, we may disagree, argue, and even fight sometimes, but the bottom line is, “WE ARE ONE”. Put on Destroyer, have a beer, and Rock And Roll All Nite, and party everyday! After all, we’re all Creatures Of The Night Time World, cheers! 🙂

    • George on

      Cheers Doug…you are right that he could do something like he used to, but some younger bands don’t think of him as somebody interested in helping and he obviously seems more interested in milking the Kiss brand before he gets too old…believe me, I just love what the band was and tolerate what is has become…all this supergroup stuff is about money too, IMO…but isn’t it all?? Even Ace said he will tour if the money is there, but you are correct about Gene doing more, but I think we could say that about anybody whose been around the biz as long as he has…

  • Stormin' on

    great comments, but I do hope that people will buy this. Joe Lynn Turner has a unforgetable voice and Carmine is a legend. The “one and done” will only be because no one buys it. Believe me if this sells of course they’ll then do a tour. WE DRIVE THEIR FUTURE!!!

  • Stormin' on

    BTW – kudos to Frontiers records for constantly signing and putting out the music of all the bands that I love that without them these bands would be no more. Every band is now pretty much on Frontiers records, and most likely not turning much of a profit.

    • George on

      Good point about Frontier…I’m not overly interested in this, but they do seem to back bands in the genre…

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