eiffeltower640 In light of the tragic events that unfolded in France last night, many musicians have posted messages of support online.

Some of the worst carnage was at an Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan theater. CNN reports that at least 112 people were killed at the event. Those in attendance were innocent fans trying to enjoy the show.

We here would like to send our hearts and prayers out to the people of Paris. Please read the messages from other musicians below.

Billy Sheehan: “And tonight we drink French wine. Vive La France!! We stand with France and the French People!”

Pantera: “This one’s for the kids murdered senselessly at Le Bataclan. All they wanted was to see the Rock N’ Roll show. RIP.”

Myles Kennedy: “My heart aches for the victims of tonight’s attack and the good people of Paris. Sending love to all of you.” Instagram

KISS: “To the people of France: We are saddened by today’s horrific events. We are praying for you in this time of tragedy.”

Chris Cornell: “Unbelievable and unconscionable !My heart goes out to victims and their loved ones.” and “I can’t imagine a reason to end so many innocent lives or believing that there is a God who would condone it.”

Accept: “Together we stand with the people and fans in France against the ugly face of terror.”

Tom Keifer: “Our love & prayers go out to all the victims & families affected by these horrific attacks in Paris. Just heartbroken & sickened by this.” @TomKeiferMusic

AC/DC: “We mourn this tragic loss of life and stand with the world to salute your joie de vivre. Paix.”

Slash: “Mortified by the horrific events in Paris. Our thoughts & prayers go out to all the innocent victims of this unspeakable tragedy. #paris” Instagram

Scott Ian: “Kiss your kids, hug your partner and hope somebody somewhere has a plan.” @Scott_Ian

Dave Navarro: “The world has changed forever… Again.” @DaveNavarro

Chris Jericho: Our hearts go out to everyone in #Paris who was murdered and injured tonight. We are supposed to play in #Vaureal next Friday and I promise you, if we are allowed to play, we will do our show for any of you who still want to come. We will not let these bastards put a stop to our freedom or our joy of rock n roll. We will play for the over 100 people who died at a rock show tonight and we will play for all of you who refuse to be scared!! Maybe together we can try to get a sense of clarity and maybe forget for just a few minutes the horrors bestowed upon your great city and country tonight… J’aime la #France!!! @fozzyrock #FozzyVaureal #prayforparis” Instagram

Joe Bonamassa: “Many of us touring artist have played the Bataclan in Paris. Tonight reminds us all how close terrorism can strike to home. A very sad day.” @JBONAMASSA

Mike Portnoy: “Absolutely sick over this news…recorded DT’s Once in A Livetime at Bataclan…my prayers are w everybody in Paris.”

Duff McKagan: “Peace to Paris. Love to the people there. Peace. Peace.” @DuffMcKagan

Guns N’ Roses: “To everyone, everywhere, who have been affected: our deepest sympathies… #Paris” @gunsnroses

David Coverdale: “With Great Love & Respect We Dedicate Tonight’s Show To The Memory Of All Those Lost In The Paris Tragedy…”

Richie Kotzen: “Sending Prayers and Love Tonight to those in Paris.”

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  1. This is so sad and very scary. Nowhere is safe anymore. Attacking and murdering innocent people is an extreme act of evil and it’s cowardly. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. No matter what race we are, where we live, or what language we speak, we are all human beings and we should care about each other. Unfortunately, there’s too many evil, twisted, morally depraved scumbags in the world that make it unsafe for the rest of us. I say prayers for the victims of this tragedy and their families and may God bless watch over the people of France.

    1. I just checked his twitter for you Tyger, and here is what Mr. Nugent posted:

      the largest armed force in the world is in the deerwoods of America. com fk with us allahpukes
      369 retweets 588 likes
      Ted Nugent ‏@TedNugent 21h21 hours ago

      wonder why voidoo allahpukes picked Paris instead of openingday MI deerwoods
      103 retweets 222 likes
      Ted Nugent ‏@TedNugent 21h21 hours ago

      hows your containment bulls–t going mr president? allahpuke bodycount hi enuf yet?

    2. Ah yes, Ted rarely disappoints.
      Thanks Dana. I know I could have done my own homework here, but I thought that this display of sentiment from musicians needed a little more diversity. a more varied rainbow.

    3. As usual Ted is absolutely correct. Political correctness, unnecessary sensitivity and socialism have turned the world into an easy target for the sick and twisted radical muslims. Not trying to turn this into a political debate but facts are facts. Imaginary racism, Obuma has singlehandedly turned Americans against one another. Never before has the greatest nation been so divided. The sad thing is Obuma planned it all along. If you do some “open minded” research, you will see he is carrying out the plan his father never could. In the meantime, maybe John Kerry will send James Taylor back to France to play “You’ve Got A Friend.” God bless France, God bless the victims of this horrible, evil massacre and God Bless America! May good prevail over evil.

    4. DR is Live – Believe me it’s not a typo. He is a bum. Also, how did this all start? And which group is dealing with it? Can’t wait for your liberal response!

      Michael B – You’re entitled to your opinion. However, you appear to be uneducated when it comes to hunting. Believe me, the majority of hunters are not old overweight corn farmers.

    5. Hey Frank, even though I knew you’d get there eventually – this isn’t a liberal/conservative thing. Its a factual thing. Tell me how the Democrats created all this? And for the record, I’m not a bleeding heart liberal. I’m a guy who reads, listens, and researches facts. Anybody who thinks this is a ‘bomb the s–t and get more troops on the ground issue’ is beyond naive. Paul Ryan said it best on 60 Minutes this past weekend (and OMG he’s a Republican), there aren’t bad people in congress, just people with bad ideas sometimes. So keep your politics out of the fact business. Muddying this up to suit your political party doesn’t stop the horror people are going through these days.

    6. How quaint.

      Deerwoods? WTF is that? You meant those tiny strips of bare trees between all the brown corn stubble with overweight midwesterners decked out in blaze orange? Yeah, I’m sure they’re afraid of that.

    7. Ah the ‘Nuge’. He’ll never admit how this all started and who started it. But he’ll easily blame the group now dealing with it. Go play some music Ted.

    8. And how did all this start? Also which group is currently dealing with it? I’m willing to bet both your answers will be wrong.

    9. If I need to educate you on the history of our recent and current middle east crisis after 911, I’m afraid that’s a longer conversation than this beautiful site can handle. We all know who decided to go to Iraq and keep a certain segment of locals out of a new government, and what those locals started and eventually became, and what it has ‘blossomed’ into since that. To throw 100% of the blame on the current commander in chief for not being able to quell that is unbelievably naive and irresponsible. I’m willing to bet my answers are properly researched and 100% correct.

    10. I researched it a bit, and Obama actually didn’t want to pull the troops out of Iraq when he did, but he had to because Bush entered into a treaty mandating that the troops be pulled out of Iraq by 2011. But the real problem seems to be the U.S.’s policy of paying fighters when they want a change of regime in a foreign country: they pay them, and when the U.S. leaves, these fighters continue to work for someone else, the side who pays the most, currently that’s ISIS. Putin calls this “reckless politics,” you have mercenaries that don’t care what ideology they are fighting for. It seems the U.S. created this mercenary culture over there, or, certainly, gave it traction.

  2. God bless France.
    God bless America.
    And God DAMN the bastards that committed this horrible act of hatred.
    Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, and this is one of those times.
    NO fear.

  3. Such a heavy heart, on the TODAY show this morning they showed a picture of the crowd at the Bataclan, just before the tragedy. Beautiful crowd, beaming faces having a fun time at a concert. The way it should always be when it comes to music. So very sad.

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