Motorhead400 Motorhead is tremendously honored to announce that their most recent release, Aftershock, has garnered their biggest selling first week and highest US chart debut numbers to date.

Aftershock, the band’s 21st album, landed at #22 on the Billboard Top 200 charts this week, as well as #3 on the Hard Music chart, #8 on the Rock chart, and more! See below for all US Billboard and international chart numbers. Motorhead would like to thank their fans around the world for their undying support and dedication.

US Billboard Numbers:
# 22 Billboard Top 200
#3 Hard Music
#8 Rock
#16 Physical
#59 Digital

Motorhead’s Phil Campbell had a few words to share with fans, “Hope all our fans out there are diggin’ the new record! It should be played daily and on a loud basis… and blast it to your friends and enemies!”

Order Aftershock now in a limited edition Digipack through Amazon. Afershock is also available in CD format and vinyl.

Win an autographed vinyl personally signed by Lemmy at the Rockline Studios this week. Go to the Official Motorhead Facebook Page for the rules on how to enter.


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  • Kelly on

    Awesome CD- haven’t stopped listening to it since I got it. Can’t wait to hear the new material live!!!

  • Frank on

    ordered this cd 3 weeks prior to release from amazon and I still don’t have it a week after release.
    slow. slow. slow shipping.

  • Lee on

    Kicks ass…..all the winey dogs and tributes to everybody and b-list has-been musicians forming bands or established bands doin re-treads of their hits acoustic or re-mined 30 year old concerts ought to talk to Lemmy about fresh ’13 music…or for that matter, Sabbath.

  • DR on

    Picked it up Monday – everything on this album is kicking the ass of any other new release that is out there. Lemmy never stops delivering the goods. ‘Don’t know what I did last night, but I know I did it good’. Classic.

  • Pumpkin on

    Great album and most certainly the best one they’ve come up with since 2004s Inferno. Hat’s off to them for releasing new material instead of rehashed acoustic numbers.

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