jameshetfield400 Metallica frontman and Road Recovery supporter James Hetfield discusses growing up with and overcoming his fear of responsibility and how that has played a part in his recovery from drug addiction. Hetfield also shares his views on what it means to be a role model and what he tells young people when they ask him for advice. Watch the video below.

Metallica have just been nominated for a GRAMMY award for Best Music Film last year’s 3D film Through The Never.

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  1. I have a ton of respect for James. He’s made a complete 180 degree turn from how he once was. When I was a teenager, it seemed just by reading interviews and seeing photos that he and the rest of Metallica were wasted 24/7. But knowing James’ story, his difficult childhood, his parents divorcing, his mom passing away when he was still just a kid, it’s apparent he was using alcohol to hide his pain. It takes a brave person to admit they need help and to face their problems and change their life for the better. I’m sure he can use his experiences to help others and he deserves respect for doing that.

  2. James lives in the north bay and we see him and his family quite often at San Francisco Giant games and AT&T Park during the baseball season. Metallica Night at the ballpark is looked forward to every year! Glad to see that he is using his past experiences to help others.

  3. Off topic question for Eddie. Did I understand you correctly sometime back on one of your radio shows that Jason Newsted has retired from the music business?

  4. People, even musicians, grow up. He is a survivor. The wolf never got to him. Metallica is and will always remain one of the most influencial and badass metal bands of history. There will never be another. Family is important to him that is clear. whether it is his own family or the larger metal family. Keep rock james! we are with you!!!!

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