Metallica will appear at this year’s free Global Citizen festival in New York in September.

The band will join Eddie Vedder, Chris Martin, Cat Stevens and others at the fifth annual event, which seeks to encourage the concept of everyday people helping solve the world’s social problems.

It takes place at Central Park on September 24th, with a live video stream via YouTube and MSNBC, and audio on iHeartRadio.

Tickets will be available via a draw to those who earn enough points by taking part in Global Citizen challenges, which include signing online petitions and sending emails and tweets to encourage change.

Metallica’s 10th album is expected in the coming months.

additional source: Metal Hammer via

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  • paul anthony on

    oh boy sounds like fun ,just kidding i would not go to this crap fest.

    • John Rives on

      Count me out.

  • DR Is Live on

    Metallica just flat out sucks. Whatever they had back in the day, they can’t find it anymore. James can’t sing, Lars can’t drum. Every solo Hammett does sounds just like the last 35 he did. They’re albums are horrifically produced and engineered. Whilst trying to look progressive, they’re in the same category as most metal bands and just living off past fame. There is nothing metal about them anymore. They should change their name to ‘Embarrassingica’.

  • Jason Falkinham on

    So Metallica is fifth on the bill on the gig poster behind Rhianna, Kendrick Lamar, Selena Gomez and something called Major Lazer? Interesting…

  • Rattlehead on

    I agree with you, DR. This band was so good and pioneering back in the day. I guess the band ran out of Mustaine riffs, and Mustaine’s influence vanished from the band. :o)

    Seriously, I think Mustaine greatly contributed to the early success of Metallica, and it was these contributions of riffs, playing style, attitude, originality, etc…that landed Metallica on the map. Mustaine may have never played on their albums, but he definitely fueled Metallica’s rise to stardom. And while it may suck a little for Mustaine, financially, to not be a part of Metallica, we the fans were able to benefit and get two great (in their prime) thrash bands to enjoy.

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