Metallica have released a demo of their classic song, Master Of Puppets. Listen to the track, below.

It was recorded in the garage of The Carlson House, El Cerrito, California, in late June 1985 and has been taken from the band’s upcoming Master Of Puppets box set, which arrives on November 10th through their Blackened Recordings label.

It’ll be available in various formats, with a limited edition deluxe box set containing 10 CDs, two vinyl LPs, two DVDs and a cassette, along with 108-page hardback book, lithograph, folder with handwritten lyrics and six button badges – and is now available for pre-order.

Metallica are about to embark on the European leg of their WorldWired tour in support of latest album Hardwired… To Self-Destruct..

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  1. I am so stoked for this box set with all the demos and live recordings accompanying the reissued album! Master is my favorite Metallica album, I enjoy every song on the album and it has cool album cover artwork. It’s fun to hear this demo version of Master and compare it to the final version on the album. Interesting to notice differences in lyrics, vocal delivery, lead guitar, and drum patterns. Such a great album….almost as great as Rust in Peace! :o)

    1. MASTER OF PUPPETS is definitely the best album Metallica has ever released. Every song on that album is great! “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” has always been my favorite track! Metallica were definitely at the top of their game on that album. Unfortunately, for me anyway, they started a slow decline until I would ultimately stop buying their music after the horrible LOAD album. And I also agree with you, Rattlehead. RUST IN PEACE by Megadeth is still my favorite album of any of the BIG 4 bands!

    2. Keith, “Battery” is my favorite song on the album….I love its acoustic guitar intro and then it just crushes when the rhythms kick in. A lot of crap gets said about Lars’ drumming abilities, but I think his drumming on this song is what makes it the “heavy” that it is. One of my favorite thrash songs ever!

      “Smashing through the boundaries, lunacy has found me, cannot stop the battery! Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession, cannot kill the battery!” The lyrics alone make one want to run through a wall! :o)

      Hard for me to believe this same band created the Black and Load albums….

    3. I think the Black is their best record. It still has many of the elements of their earlier work but the songs have melody, and some of it is off the beaten path; Unforgiven is a unique chord progression. It’s one of those records where they were more universal and it made them a better band, kinda like Priest when they got more objective.

    4. I also like the BLACK album, Shannon. While I understand why many folks thought it was a “sell out” album, I’ve always enjoyed the music on it. It was different than their other records, but if you could get past that and just listen to the music without any preconceived notions of what a Metallica record was supposed to sound like, there was no denying that it was good. Was it as good as RIDE THE LIGHTNING, MASTER OF PUPPETS, or …AND JUSTICE FOR ALL? No way in hell! But it was a good heavy metal record, in my opinion. The songwriting was good, the musicianship was excellent, and the production was first rate. It’s just that, for a lot of folks, a Metallica record was supposed to sound a certain way. And they just couldn’t get past that and look at it for what it was. It was too big of a change for a lot of fans.

  2. Getting this as an initial release I remember being disappointed because it wasn’t as melodic as Ride The Lightning an album I got while they were on Megaforce. Loved that “Hellion” “Aces High” intro…but then it was such a big step in a new direction; a drier, unrepentant anti-melody that influenced Prong, then Pantera….I just couldn’t warm up to it and still find it a bit cold even though my appreciation and enjoyment of it now is miles greater. Here, Metallica carved their own path; hard to believe they were so astute at that age. Some people have it, others are just late to the party.

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