Metallica Gary Graff of Billboard reports:

“I want it done yesterday,” frontman James Hetfield tells Billboard about Metallica’s next album, “and (Orion Music Festival) and this movie is keeping us pretty busy at this point and it’s taking a lot of our time and effort. We’ve been touring some obscure places; I guess basically what we’re trying to do is pay for this movie, so the touring is keeping us from getting in there and finishing the record. Right now the focus is on the movie.”

That said, Hetfield adds that the quartet has at least made a start on a new album.

“Yeah, we got out into the room and jammed and we’ve come up with enough material for a record, for sure,” Hetfield says. “We’ve gone through maybe one-tenth of the material that’s on our riffs CDs. We’ve got enough for an album, we just haven’t had enough time to really focus on it and dial in and start whittling it into these masterpieces, hopefully.”

Bassist Robert Trujillo points out that “the work ethic is super, super strong, and that’s what takes us longer than other bands, because we’re sitting there and sometimes we’re really analyzing things. I mean, for every one lyric, Hetfield has, like three lyric possibilities. But I can tell you this; the grooves and the riffs that are already on the radar are really, really awesome. We’ve still got more riffs to go through and jam out and throw into the process, but we’re getting there, and we’ll have something great, hopefully, in the next year.”

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  • Raymond on

    A Bruce Dickinson’s arm pit hair is more exciting than a new ‘Tallica record, period.

  • richman on

    Due for another GARAGE DAYS.

  • shawn on

    I just haven’t really enjoyed anything from the guys since Justice. Black Album was ok, just not “METALLICA” in my opinion, the Load albums had bits and pieces that were ok, as did St. Anger and Magnetic. I just want an ENTIRE Metallica album that rocks like they did back in the 80’s. Maybe I’m just living in the past. hahaha

  • TJ on

    This is wonderful news. Has anyone seen the preview for the movie? Maybe the guys should continue on with what they KNOW works, like writing killer songs and performing them. Will be great to hear some new material, especially if it resembles what they did on ‘Magnetic’. The fans do realize people get older, influences broaden, and time moves forward. I think Metallica has embraced this relatively well and it will be good to hear a NEW album with OLD influences.

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