Metallica2010pic2400pix Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammet insists that Lulu, their notorious 2011 collaboration album with musician Lou Reed, is one one the band’s best records.

The record was snubbed by all but three percent of Metallica’s fanbase, selling 15,000 copies during its first week of release compared to 490,000 for 2008′s Death Magnetic. Even their much-maligned 2003 album St. Anger sold 418,000 in its first week. Reed admitted he’d had death threats following the album’s release.

But Hammet tells The Verge, “I think Lulu is some of the best stuff we’ve ever done. The song Junior Dad moves me to tears. And working with Lou was such a cool, unique and special thing for us. Maybe it’s not for everyone. Maybe it’s a challenge for our fans. But for us – Lars, James, Rob and myself – we loved doing it and it was such a great experience. We look back at it very positively.”

Metallica have just released highly-anticipated concert movie Through The Never, and they’ve vowed to turn their attention to a new album early next year.

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  • vin on

    i am the table…. kirk is the douche

  • bafman on

    I don’t care what anyone says, Death Magnetic kicks ass and was a return to form after the St. Anger misstep. That’s about the only CD of theirs I don’t like (other than Lulu of course – that’s a given). Then again, I’m not stuck in the 80’s and closed minded.

  • Lee on

    With Patti Smith next…..gets the critics on their side, like Lou.

    • DR on

      I think they’re going to channel John Lennon’s spirit and call their next album ‘Imaginica’

  • Sorkh Razil on

    Fucking whiners! It’s not 1983 any more! Join the rest of the human race in 2013!

    Unless you’re from the Middle East, then joining the 10th century would be sufficient enough for now!

  • richman on

    JUNIOR DAD is a good song, definitely long. It reminds me a lot of 2 SUNS IN THE SUNSET by PINK FLOYD.

    • DR on

      They’re doing an album with Roger Waters next and calling it Dark Side of the Moonica

    • richman on

      Imagine this fusion stuff worked out. Bob Dylan + SLAYER. David Crosby + TESTAMENT. Nancy Sinatra + ANTHRAX. Axl Rose + 15 GUYS PRETENDING to be G n R.

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