Metallica will be the first major rock act to partner with the Encore Drive-In Nights series, screening a full set at drive-ins and outdoor theaters in the U.S. and Canada on August 29th.

As with other recent drive-in shows, staff will wear appropriate PPE and cars will be stationed six feet apart in light of COVID-19. Tickets and payments will be contactless. A list of participating theaters will be available on the Encore Drive-In Nights website.

According to a release, a new concert will be shot near the band’s home of Northern California for August 29th; the show will also feature footage from their decades’ long career. Three Days Grace will “open” the concert, tickets for which go on sale to fans on August 12th and to the general public on August 14th. One ticket gets a carload of six into the show and will include four downloads of Metallica’s S&M2an album and concert film featuring Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony out August 28th.

Metallica also posted a clip on their Instagram of the band rehearsing their concert favorite, “Creeping Death.” The musicians seemed to maintain social distance from one another in the clip and each wore masks, other than James Hetfield who had to sing.

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  • Rattlehead on

    For the fans’ sakes, hopefully they can put a mask on Lars’ drumming…….

  • robert davenport on

    We are doing drive in shows here locally , so far so good 3 shows avg 150 people per show , at $5 a head for local cover bands , concession stand is open too – the band gets $ 500 , the rest plus concession goes to the drive in , it’s a huge area people can get out of the car , bring folding chairs your own alchohol etc … masks are optional not forced on anyone , it’s going well every Saturday night

  • Taskerofpuppets on

    $115 per car, up to 6 in each car. I’ve seen them 27 times now, as recently as September S&M shows and I will NOT be going to this. I think it’s a fun idea and a way for people to get out and artist’s to make money. If anything, I admire them paving the way and setting the example for bands and how they can try to make it during this era of no shows. Enjoy, for those who go. I know RATTLEHEAD will be the first in-line….yay, hahahaaa \mm/

    • Rattlehead on

      Tasker, I absolutely love early Metallica. I saw them plenty of times back in the day, including club shows, when they were on fire through the “Blah-k album” tours. I’ve seen them plenty of times post “Blah-k album”, but for me it’s simply not my Metallica. My Metallica is the thrash band that once existed, but that band has faded away. The only reason I continued to attend their concerts is because it was “Metallica”, arguably the most successful rock band of our generation. And each show got more disappointing for me as I was craving that Metallica from back in the day.

      But today, even if Metallica was touring the “traditional” way, I think my Metallica concert days are over. While I know they’ll play some of those great thrash songs I really love, I don’t think today’s Metallica can perform those songs with the same anger and passion they once did. I’d much rather hear those songs as recorded back in the day.

    • Taskerofpuppets on

      Hi there Rattlehead, for the most part, I agree with you. I was 15 when I started getting into METALLICA and my first intro a couple of months later was in June 88’ at MOR RFK Stadium in DC. Seeing 55k fans chanting DIE,DIE,DIE! pulled me right in and I haven’t turned away since. Even with Lulu-lol, which is hard to take. Between 88’ and 96’ I was lucky enough to see them 7 times with Jason. All arena or stadium shows. To me they were never tighter as a band in both musical terms and energy level as they were during the Justice & Black album era. I think of the shows that I saw with Jason, one that really stands out was the first show of the GnR & METALLICA Tour in DC @ RFK. It was incredible. Did you see any of those shows? Their performance there was monumental and even Lars played consistently well. I agree he’s gotten sloppy and what seems lazy when I think he’s just bored/disinterested of the same songs and routine. There’s lots of reason’s for his decline – still I consider him pretty brilliant ( most of the time) in how he’s conduct’s & has directed the band. I was 24/25 when the Load album’s came out and saw them with Jason for the last time at Knoxville’s Lollapalooza with a great line-up. They were pretty damn tight there as well-still a lot of energy and aggression/passion. I came to really enjoy those albums and slowly adjusted and fell in love with S&M and even Garage, Inc, eventually. Love those covers of Lem’s works & King Diamond. Since Rob has been with them I’ve seen them many more times, mostly in arena’s & stadium shows. When I joined the club in 03’ I’ve had the luck to see some fun one off’s. Once at Las Vegas New Year’s 04’ w/ 1200 others, in Santa Monica for Call of Duty special event with 500 other Service men & woman and my wife & I even won tix to see one night of their 30th Anniversary shows with Lou Reed, Marianne Faithful,King Diamond, and Armored Saint at the Fillmore in SF. I was raised on the Beatles. With that in mind, around the time they cut their hair and went into the Load era, I started to see Hetfield & Ulrich having strong similarities to Lennon & McCartney. With all the hype and anti-Metallica vibe that was going on I changed my view and saw them as evolving, like The Beatles. I do love the first 4 albums, especially RTL, MOP, & Justice. I cut my teeth on And Justice For ALL, One, Dyer’s Eve and Blackened when I was starting out as a drummer. How the hell my folks put up with it, I’ll never know. I do miss Jason’s energy and playing, and I sure wish I’d experienced Cliff when he was alive. Must’ve been some awesome shows you’ve seen, especially in the clubs. Cheers

  • T on

    Can you imagine if someone told you in August 2019, that the only way to see major live shows in summer 2020 would be at drive in theaters? I would have found that hard to believe. This is such a strange year, an I’l bet we’ll remember this for many years to come (and hopefully it will not become a regular occurrence). I think it’s a reminder of how amazing a great live performance can be, and we’ll really be ready to get back to normal ASAP. I know this has nothing to do with Metallica, but just wanted to mention it.

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