Megadeth have announced some North American tour dates, see the itinerary below. Special guests, on the tour, will be Meshuggah, Tesseract and Lillake.

The dates are as follows:

Jun. 23 – Big Flats, NY @ Tags Summer Stage
Jun. 25 – Boston, MA @ House of Blues
Jun. 27 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Fillmore
Jun. 28 – Portsmouth, VA @ Portsmouth Pavilion
Jun. 29 – Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore
Jun. 30 – Columbus, OH @ Express Live

Jul. 5 – Windsor, ON @ Colosseum at Caesar’s Windsor (Megadeth and Meshuggah only)
Jul. 7 – Saint Charles, MO @ Family Arena
Jul. 8 – Oklahma City, OK @ The Zoo Amphitheater
Jul. 9 – Houston, TX @ Revention Music Center
Jul. 11 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE

The band recently completed a month-long U.S. tour with Amon Amarth, Suicidal Tendencies, Metal Church and Butcher Babies.

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  1. Damn! No dates near where I live. I have never got to see Megadeth live. They have always been my favorite of the BIG 4. I may be in the minority, but I have always thought that Megadeth were HANDS DOWN the best of the BIG 4. After the Black album, I have enjoyed none of the Metallica records. Megadeth I have always thought were great (even the RISK album had some solid tunes).

    1. Keith, I think Megadeth had the best musicians of the BIG 4. And the band demonstrated this in the intricacies and technicalities of their music. As an album, I think Rust In Peace in the best collection of music any of the BIG 4 ever released. I guess, in a way, its kinda good for us fans that Metallica kicked Mustaine out of the band, cuz then Megadeth never would have formed! Though I do think Mustaine got screwed when Metallica used his riffs….

    2. Totally agree, Rattlehead! A lot of people say that Megadeth is just a Dave Mustaine solo band, seeing that his band lineup changes so much. And I can see their point. But, to me, that just makes it so much more impressive that Megadeth has continued to put out consistently great music all these years, knowing that it is only Dave Mustaine that is the creative force behind the band. He writes the vast majority of the music and lyrics, with very little help from the other members of the band. Their lastest album (DYSTOPIA) kicks some serious ass! Sure, Dave puts our an occasional stinker (TRUST), but overall Megadeth has been the most consistent of the BIG 4 in putting out great metal music. Metallica is not even in the same league, when it comes to consistency! So I agree that it was a great day when Metallica kicked Dave out of the band. Because it motivated him to create what I consider to be the best of the thrash metal bands. Long live MEGADETH!

    3. I agree on the point that Megadeth is the the most technically proficient when it comes to the big four and musicianship. They lean on being progressive metal.

    1. I agree with the line-up. Although, Tesseract are a smooth rock band from what I saw when they opened for Gojira last fall. Meshuggah I can do without. I hope MegaDave makes it to Portland later in the summer.

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