Mastodon guitarist and singer, Brent Hinds, spoke in an interview with The Jasta Show and claimed that Judas Priest is not metal band.

He said that “Judas Priest is more of a classic rock band.” Here’s the statement:“Oh my god, I’m the worst at interviews. Most of the time I have to call the journalists and beg them to let me do another interview.

Man, I try my hardest not do them wrong. I try to avoid them like the plague, honestly. But I do them from time to time, especially for good friends around Christmas time. That’s the problem right there with interviews – they’re taking my s–t out of context a lot.

I don’t think… I wasn’t meaning any harm by it. I was just stating my opinion, man, of it. For me, my opinion is that Judas Priest is more of a classic rock band.

*starts singing, You’ve Got Another Thing Comin*, “You know, these songs are like a couple of chords chunked together. More of a classic rock…”

Back in March 2017, he talked with The Jasta Show and said:

“Judas Priest is not metal, people, it’s rock ‘n’ motherf–kin’ roll! Who in their right mind that has a brain in their head thinks that Judas Priest sounds like a metal band?”

On Judas Priest’s popular song Painkiller, he said:

“To me, that’s just hard rock ‘n’ roll. I’m not buying into that. I heard all Judas Priest songs, I went on tour with them, I know them all personally, they’re amazing people.

They truly think they’re metal gods, like Rob Halford’s like, ‘I’m a metal god.’ That’s weird to say, but whatever. [Chuckles] Like, just don’t say it, it just makes you sound weird when you say it.”

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  1. I’ve seen Mastadon, I’ve heard their albums, and of course, Rolling Stone loves ’em; they’re the most important metal band in history over there…and I can’t remember one lick of their music….wait….nope…nothing, nada, zilcherino….a giant blank…*which takes us to a whole other category: the nothing IS something.. * Nothing IS a noun…Thus, nothing is not nothing. You also get nothing from nothing, which is something even though it’s nothing.

  2. Topic, I should’ve said…topic…and here’s another topic: the notion of deathless death….death never dies…My tombstone is gonna say, “I knew this would happen.” The earth will die, the sun will even die….the music will probably die one day….death never dies though…death lives on…but how can death live?

    1. Doug, if I was drinking I would be talking about singing When Death Calls to somebody…lol…this here is sober.

    2. You know, Doug, if none of this means anything, if life is pointless…then life being pointless also is pointless and doesn’t mean anything.

    What a maroon, who the hell cares what that idiot said? Everyone now thinks that everything is subjective. What next? SIN AFTER SIN is classic rock, RAM IT DOWN is heavy metal and TURBO is glam rock. This is the band that turned a Joan Baez song and a FLEETWOOD MAC song into bad ass metal anthems. JUDAS PRIEST has over 100 good songs. They have more individual good songs than LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH. JUDAS PRIEST took chances and each album sounded differently , unlike METALLICA, AC/DC and IRON MAIDEN. I love JUDAS PRIEST. JUDAS PRIEST is the best classic rock band ever. JUDAS PRIEST is the best metal band ever. JUDAS PRIEST is better than the NY YANKEES. JUDAS PRIEST is better than the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. JUDAS PRIEST is better than prime rib. JUDAS PRIEST is better than Sam Adams. JUDAS PRIEST is better than Stephen Hawking. JUDAS PRIEST is better than THE GODFATHER. JUDAS PRIEST is better than Shannon Mehaffey. JUDAS PRIEST is better than St. Patrick’s day. JUDAS PRIEST is better than Eddie Murphy. JUDAS PRIEST is better than BREAKING BAD. JUDAS PRIEST is better than going to the beach. JUDAS PRIEST is better than Paul Stanley rapping.

    1. Is Judas Priest better than Billy Joel’s “Pressure?” as good? Is Judas Priest better than 1982’s year in music? (think about this…”Pressure” was the single, that is crazy good for music). Is Judas Priest better than Van Halen 1? as good? not quite as good? (not sure about this one). Priest took all the best elements of classic rock, added some nice progressive rock seasoning, and then up ratcheted the intensity to 9.992 (ten would’ve caused it to lose its musicality) to create probably the best formula I’ve ever heard. They could write as good as Kiss and play as good as Deep Purple…and they had this relatability that only comes from extensive touring. That sure as hell will never happen again. This Mastadon fella seems pretty insecure with himself to have to puff himself up like that. Ok, sure, Brent Hinds, Mastadon is metal…here’s some alfalfa sprouts.

    2. I love JP as much as anybody, but they’re not better than VH1! (The band, of course, not that useless network!) I’m still stuck on the JP/prime rib debate! 😉 LOL!!!

  4. I haven’t posted here in a long time, life gets busy – but I read this article and couldn’t let it go. Brent Hinds – I love Mastodon, but I’m stunned how out of touch you are with Judas Priest’s place in the history of metal. Maybe it’s because of the time period of your own place in the genre, where musically metal is more “extreme” than it’s ever been – but Priest are commonly regarded as one of the founding bands of the heavy metal genre. Do you regard Metallica as metal, or classic/hard rock? I’ve spoken with teenagers currently who don’t think of Metallica as metal vs the “hardcore” metal they listen to today – but in the mid 80’s Metallica were considered extreme – on the far edge of what “metal” was for
    its day. I’m talking about “Kill ‘Em All” through “… And Justice For All”, not “Load” through “ReLoad”. Listen to some early Priest and put it in the context of other rock music of the mid to late 70’s, it’s a similar story – they were ferocious, I dare to say ahead of their time – and were leading the charge through the 80’s and into the 90’s. I don’t think it’s fair to redefine what constitutes what was metal 30-40 years ago through the lens of what it is today. If anything today I would call Priest and the likes of Iron Maiden “classic METAL” vs classic rock – the foundation upon which thrash and other subgenres of metal were built. Judas Priest are pretty much at 50 YEARS on the scene of heavy music (vs the featherweight pop of any given decade). BOW TO THAT, RIGHT NOW.

    That a metal band can find mainstream success with a simplistic, anthem-like song such as “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” should not exclude them from being “metal”, but celebrated as proof that the genre is valid and has the capability to reach more than a core “extreme” audience. That song still kicks ass nearly 40 years later, and is a gateway to deeper more aggressive tracks such as “Electric Eye”, “The Sentinel”, “Screaming For Vengeance”, “Painkiller”, and more. Saying “Painkiller” isn’t metal? It’s about the most pure “metal” song Judas Priest has ever written. I headbanged myself into literal pain riffing to that song on my guitar as a teenager. How the flying f#@%! is that not what metal is all about?

    I saw Mastodon live for the first time last summer, and it was my hands down favorite show of the year. I really believe Mastodon is one of the great bands of this era – but understand the significance of what bands like Judas Priest hold in the history of metal and give respect where it’s due. They ARE Metal Gods, and deserve the title. Rob Halford really is one of the greatest voices heavy music has ever experienced, and we all benefit from the trail they’ve blazed. Long live Judas Priest, long live Mastodon, long live HEAVY METAL \m/

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