Marilyn Manson has released a stream of his new single, We Know Where You F–king Live. Listen to it below.

The song is the first track to emerge from Manson’s forthcoming album Heaven Upside Down, which is due for release on October 6th.

Speaking about the new material last year, Manson said, “It’s not very much in any way like The Pale Emperor. The people who have heard the new songs said it reminded them of Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals – but with a new, different approach. It’s pretty violent in its nature for some reason. It’s not emotional in the same way. It’s got a chip on its shoulder. I can’t wait for people to hear it – I think they’re going to be quite surprised.”

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  • Keith G on

    Definitely not my cup of tea. I was never a big fan of Marilyn Manson, or his music. I’m definitely not a prude, but I don’t like it when someone goes out of their way to offend people. Manson went WAY out of his way to offend Christians with his ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR album and tour. Once I saw that, I basically wrote the guy off. Not saying he isn’t a talented person, or that I want him or his music banned in any way. I just personally decided to not participate.

    • Rattlehead on

      Keith, I agree with your comments about Manson, and as a practicing Catholic, I am offended by him. I don’t like him and I will not support him. His shtick is too much for me…

    • Keith G on

      Thanks for the support, Rattlehead. I figured I would get eviscerated for my statement about Manson. Like I said, I am no prude. I listen to everyone from Slayer to Venom to WASP. I know that most of these bands’ satanic and anti-Christian imagery is just for SHOCK value. But some of the stuff that Manson did on ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR was just a bridge too far for me. The way he mocked and degraded Christianity was EXTREMELY offensive to me. I’m all for freedom of expression, so I don’t support banning his music or not letting him perform. And I recognize that he is a talented guy. He has an audience, so good for him. But I won’t support someone who mocks and degrades something as important to me as my religious beliefs.

    • shannon mehaffey on

      Seems that what Manson does goes beyond mere acting, I mean I get a kick out of Venom, that’s pure shtick, though some of it does make me uncomfortable; it’s just a credit that they were good at their jobs…same with Halford and Ozzy….it’s character acting…..then you get Manson, and I’m actually not sure who he is going after, the religion, or God….I don’t know, Slayer’s Christ Illusion cover is the threshold of too far for me. You can go against religion, even the Bible; those aren’t perfect, though better than not having them (if you ask me)…but going after Christ Himself…I look at that and just shake my head and marvel at the sheer arrogance and flat stupidity of it….Ok guys, good luck with that one, God doesn’t need us that’s for damn sure.

  • shannon mehaffey on

    Seems Korn copped Manson’s sound quite a bit….as this song shows, it’s a genre with a short expiration date.

  • robert davenport on

    keith, Shannon, rattlehead could not agree with all of you more-

  • robert davenport on

    manson in this day and age probably thinks everyone is desensitized to everything at this point – porn is more hardcore , torture porn in film is way over the top – gaming is crazy violent , so he just goes overboard to get attention for his music { only my opinion} still way too much for me , judas priest’s sin after sin to me is the best creepy scary evil album I have ever heard , that is the way to do it!

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