Jennifer Smith of the reports:

Marilyn Manson has been crushed by a falling prop at his New York City concert.

The 48-year-old rock star was in the middle of singing Sweet Dreams when the props, described by witnesses as giant pistols, fell.

He had just begun climbing on to them in the middle of his performance when they began to give way and “toppled” on top of him, witnesses said.

Several people rushed on to the stage, but it took a number of minutes before Manson was stretchered off stage…

…As expected after Saturday night’s incident, the rest of the concert was canceled.

A representative for the star told Variety he was in hospital being treated for an injury but they would not say how serious his condition was. However, the website cited sources saying he is expected to be “fine.”

Concert goer Michelle Curran told that the entire Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom, where the show was being held, went dark after the props fell.

“He was probably half way through singing Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics and the massive gun display of two pistols behind him toppled on to him. The singing stopped and loads of people ran on to the stage to lift to it up.”

He had been onstage for an hour and 20 minutes when the accident occurred.

Immediately after the incident, the concert venue went dark and the music stopped.

The audience watched in horror as what appeared to be a team of crew tried to break him out from under the prop.

He was then wheeled off in a stretcher.

Fans said they then watched as a curtain was put up where the incident had taken place.

They were all then ushered out into the street, hours before the concert’s scheduled end.

As of this posting, Manson’s condition is unknown.

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  • Taskerofpuppets on

    Looks like he took a good bonk to the head. I bet he’ll be okay but that sux. It appeared that prop wasn’t secured at all, to me anyway.

  • DR Is Live on

    Word is he broke his ankle and was given the new knickname of ‘Ankle-Christ Superstar’.

    Thank you, you’ve been a great audience.

  • Doug R. on

    S–t happens. I have no “Sympathy For The Devil.” Any news on Steven Tyler?

    • DR Is Live on

      I’ve read reports where it says he suffered a ‘seizure of some kind’. Steven vehemently denies this.

    • Doug R. on

      Yeah that’s what I heard. Still no specifics, hopefully whatever the issues are isn’t anything serious.

  • Keith G on

    Definitely not a fan, but I’m glad the guy wasn’t seriously hurt. How could something like that happen to a guy that has been doing these heavily theatrical shows for so many years? Did he have a new stage crew that didn’t know what they were doing? In the video, it didn’t look like those “guns” were secured at all! EPIC FAIL right there!

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