[Dana’s note: Yes, as we all know, we don’t typically do Hollywood gossipy type stories in the news section. But, I found this one slightly interesting, because Machine Gun Kelly played Tommy Lee, in Netflix’s The Dirt. The musician has also admitted that when he was younger, Lee was one of his musical heroes.

The musician, and actress Megan Fox, began dating in 2020 after meeting on set of indie film, Midnight In The Switchgrass. The pair got engaged in January of 2022.]

Kelly and Fox as Pam and Tommy:

…and the real OG’s

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    1. LOL!!! They are as real as Pam’s. 😉

      I love when celebrities, or models, claim they have not had any work done, and they are “natural.” Do they not realize Google images show their morphing bodies and faces? LOL!

      A plastic surgeon once told me, in most cases of nose augmentations, if you look at the bridge, and it looks like it has been lowered, especially towards the top (between the eyes), the nose has been surgically altered.

    1. Donald,

      I posted this topic on my own, and if Eddie had an issue with it, I would have gladly taken it down. Part of the reason why I decided to share it, was to show how the 80s/90s hard rock, and metal scene, still have a marked influence on popular culture, even today.

      Also based on your disapproval, maybe the site should cease posting news about KISS, as well? They have been wearing, what is akin to high end Halloween costumes, since the 70s, ditto for Alice Cooper, Shout At The Devil era of Mötley Crüe, etc.

      Additionally, should we also stop posting news about band feuds, and what members are saying about each other in the press, because that could also fall under the category of “gossip?”

      If we subscribe to the notion of removing every story that does not please a reader, or “offends” them, we would have very little news to print, or to have spirited discussions about. I would never censor your right to express your displeasure about a story, nor should you expect us to remove something because it displeases you.

      Finally, did you even read what I wrote? The first sentence states: Dana’s note: Yes, as we all know, we don’t typically do Hollywood gossipy type stories in the news section….So, as you know, this type of topic is an extreme anomaly, NOT a norm. You know, you have free will, you could have easily skipped right over this story, correct?

    1. Yes, Rattle,

      I know they came under fire, by many, for those costumes.

      Halloween is one of those days, when people feel they can freely express themselves, and let their inner freaks out. Sadly sometimes, that can lead to highly inappropriate, and offensive, images and behavior.

      That is what is why America is so wonderful. People have the right to wear whatever they choose (I saw a news story about someone wearing a full blown Nazi costume), but the masses also have the freedom to express their disapproval, and disappointment, in such behavior.

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